November 29, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life... In Asheville!

What is the holiday season without "It's a Wonderful Life"?
Start a new tradition with your family and friends by making a trip to see the annual North Carolina Stage Company and Immediate Theatre Project radio play version of this classic. What a treat for Asheville, NC!
I don't know about you, but my family always sits down together on Christmas Eve to watch this classic...and it never seems to get old. In fact, whenever I watch it, I get the warm-fuzzies!
This year's actors will bring a new adaptation to the Charleston dance contest scene. Now that is something to look forward to!
The show, which runs from Nov. 27-Dec. 20 is shown at a great price of $20 for adults, $8 for kids and $10 for students w/ ID! What a deal!
Make another family tradition and stay at a Carolina Mornings Asheville vacation rental! If you can't get enough of "It's A Wonderful Life," rent the movie, grab the popcorn and get ready for great memories made during Asheville vacations!
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Asheville, NC and its Seasonal Sizzle

Fireworks in December?? Yep, here in Asheville we don't think fireworks are just for July!! Amongst the many, many holiday activities going on around town, we celebrate the holiday season with Saturday night fireworks in downtown Asheville. Starting Saturday, December 5 at 7pm, and running through Saturday, December 19 (Saturdays only!) Asheville lights up the night with a plethora of colors and intensities at the Seasonal Sizzle at Seven. The fireworks display on the 5th caps off a full day of holiday events, from the Dicken's Festival (mentioned in an earlier blog) to different Market celebrations. Looking for a great time to load up the family and head to Asheville for a mountain retreat? Well, this is it! The weekend of Dec. 4- 6th has been discussed in quite a few of our entries, with festivities and great chances to pick up holiday gifts (remember The Big Crafty on Dec. 6!). Come and stay in one of our Asheville vacation rentals with your family (we even offer pet-friendly getaways!) and join the fun. Can't make it that weekend? Then join us for the Seasonal Sizzle one of the following Saturdays, and still have a ton of options for celebrating and shopping! Come visit western NC and see why Asheville is sizzling!!

November 27, 2009

Horses, History and Holidays... A MUST SEE!

LipizzanersImage by Axel B├╝hrmann via Flickr

Looking for a great way to kick off the holidays? Check out this great show of horses and dancing as the Lipizzaner Stallions bring the 40th Anniversary Tour to Asheville, NC!

Bring your family and friends to this historical show... this is the OLDEST of all performing dance arts, with horse dancing dating back all the way back to 435.

Lipizzaner, a breed of horses, was rescued by Gen. George Patton in World War II. Thanks to Gen. Patton, this show has entertained more than 27 million people throughout the world.

The tour will have two showings at the Asheville Civic Center on Dec. 5 at 2 and 7:30 pm. Get ready for spectacular leaps and maneuvers that were once used to protect and defend themselves on the battlefield.

Make a weekend trip to go along with the fabulous show and stay at an Asheville vacation rental! There is no better way to enjoy a blustery winter afternoon than spending time with your friends and family, cozying by the fire in a Asheville mountain rental, and embracing the holidays by seeing a great show!

Do you need any more reason to create one of your own Carolina Mornings Asheville vacations? From Nov. 27-Dec. 28, you can receive a COMPLIMENTARY DINNER at Zambra's Tapas Bar and Restaurant with a 2-night midweek or 3-night weekend stay!

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Charles Dickens in western NC??

A Christmas Carol

Yes, it is Dickens in Asheville!! For the weekend of Dec. 4- Dec.6, Biltmore Village will be transformed into a Victorian Dickens-esque village, complete with songs in the street and roasting chestnuts for the Biltmore Village Dickens Festival. Bring your kids and giggle while pretending together to be in Dickens' A Christmas Carol, even enjoying pieces of the tale put on by local performers.
Biltmore Village is well-known to those living in Asheville or those returning for a visit. There is much to see and do in this part of town while staying in one of our Asheville vacation rentals. The infamous Biltmore House gives the area it's name, and Carolina Mornings offers you two free tickets to Biltmore for a visit to the historic (and gigantic!) site when staying with us in a few properties. You can't miss Biltmore Village during the holidays as a guest in our town!!
The village is also a great place to find gifts, from the small, locally-owned boutiques to the larger shopping center full of name brands. During the Dickens Festival, the shops will be open later and the employees will don Victorian- era garb. What a great place to appease both your need for holiday shopping and your child's need for a fun time?!

November 21, 2009

Reason # 15 for Staying @ at Asheville Vacation Rental: Traveling & Eating Breakfast In Your Jammies-

Pie in the Sky Kitchen AreaImage by Carolina Mornings via Flickr
Budgeting for food expenditures during travel to any destination can be almost as difficult as forecasting the week's weather. When staying at a traditional hotel, the challenge is multiplied as travelers face the added expense of dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While the majority of quality hotels do not offer full kitchens, professionally managed vacation rentals allow guests to enjoy their favorite (and often healthier) meals and snacks, as each property provides a full kitchen stocked with clean utensils, pots, pans, plates and ample cabinet/refrigerator space for food storage.

"For my family, including grandkids, the best part of staying in a vacation rental was having breakfast in our jammies," explains Kathy Ogden, a traveler from Clovis, Calif., who stayed with Monterey Bay Property Management. "We loved the freedom to have meals at our leisure and have home-cooked meals instead of dining out."

Often costing less than a single hotel room, vacation rentals afford travelers an accommodations lifestyle unlike any other, providing considerably more space (both for living and dining), amenities, guest services and privacy than other, more traditional lodging options. For answers to common questions, along with additional tips and tools for choosing a rental that fits travelers' needs and budgets, visit Carolina Mornings- Asheville's Premier Vacation Rental Company

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November 20, 2009

5 reasons to come to Asheville, NC in the winter:Reason #3 The Big Crafty

I love crafts! I love all kinds of crafts, from hand-knitting to felting to jewelry-making to bookworks to artistically-created clothing. I love to craft myself, and I love to see what the creativity and talents are of other artists (after all, we are all artists when we let ourselves be!). And if you are like me, we tend to find ourselves with a list of too many things to make and not enough time to make them all. For this, amongst many other things, I LOVE The Big Crafty, a gathering twice a year of local artists and craftspeople selling their wares. Not much of a secret, but I'll tell you anyway: it is a great place for purchasing holiday gifts!! The final fair of 2009 is held on Sunday, Dec. 6 from 12p-6p at Pack Place in downtown Asheville, NC. There is a raffle (which I won last year:) and, because it is a free event, you can put more money towards beautiful and fun pieces. Don't forget to buy something nice for yourself! Not only is the bounty affordable and the fair free, there is yet another way to save money: the three times I have gone, they also had FREE DELICIOUS BEER! Brewed in Black Mountain (30 minutes from Asheville), Pisgah Brewing Company is my favorite local brew by far, and one of my top three beers of all time. And at The Big Crafty, they are giving it to me!!!! I'd have to say, this event is actually one of my top three favorite events that takes place in western NC.
So come and stay with us at one of our Asheville vacation rentals for a pre-holiday getaway. Enjoy a fun shopping excursion while you are here; besides The Big Crafty, Asheville is known for its shopping.

November 19, 2009

Ready to Reach for that "Pie In the Sky"?

Need that relaxing weekend that seems just too far away?

Well go ahead and reach for that "Pie In The Sky!"

Escape to Asheville, NC for a wonderful Carolina Mornings vacation...

This Asheville vacation rental is spacious enough for a family getaway, yet quaint enough for a cozy, romantic getaway!

Need more stats?
- 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 baths
- All-wood cabin (with amazing ambiance!)
- Cable TV in each room
-2 ACRES of private property... not a house roof in sight!
- Unbelievable views
- A wonderful hot tub overlooking those unbelievable views

Can't you just imagine all of your stress melting away in this Asheville cabin rental.

Why put off one of our fabulous Asheville vacations any longer! Stay at Pie in the Sky or another NC mountain cabin rental!

November 17, 2009

"Everyone Cooks" in Asheville?! Uh Oh... I may be in trouble.

Oyster Cooking ClassImage by barron via Flickr

Did you know that Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC offers WEEKLY "Everyone Cooks!" cooking classes?

The college provides the course for $15 dollars featuring vegetarian, vegan and raw foods. Each dish also favors local, organic and wild food sources. How exciting and different!!

Michael Gentry leads the class and is a retired food service professional who has travelled the world teaching his love of food. Gentry serves at a Sustainable Gourmet at "Everyone Cooks!"

And don't think that you will watch and not learn! The course features healthy recipes, cooking tips, new product tastings and a variety of different techniques to help bring this back to your own Asheville cabin rental!

Does reading this make you hungry? Why not make this trip into one of your own Asheville vacations? Come stay at a Carolina Mornings Asheville, NC cabin rental and enjoy cooking in a log cabin of your very own (well, yours temporarily ;) ) For more information on "Everyone Cooks," call 828-669-3826 !

Stay tuned to the Carolina Mornings blog... there will be more features of cooking and tastings in the next month to prepare you for all of the holiday meals you may be creating ... and activities to help you burn off those darn delicious meals =)

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Bringing Dog to western NC

Okay, so I admit: I am one of those take-your-dog-with-you-everywhere-you-go kind of people. I love dogs, and love having them around. They are great companions, so much fun to watch, and their love is so unconditional! Here at Carolina Mornings we love your relationship with your dog as well, so we have Asheville vacation rentals that are pet-friendly!! Our pet- friendly vacation homes are just what you need for the whole family. And here in pet-friendly Asheville, there are so many places for you to help your pooch enjoy his/her vacation!
Anytime you wander the town center of Asheville, feel free to bring the dog along on this urban trail! Many shops provide an outdoor water bowl for furry passers-by, and there are quite a few restaurants with outdoor seating that allow the company of your loving companion. You can also check out the pet bakeries and boutiques downtown has to offer:Blaze-n-Skyy Pet Boutique, Funky Mutt, and Three Dog Bakery. A short drive out of town you will find Asheville Pet Supply and Wagger's Dog Depot. If you are wondering where to take your canine on a jaunt while vacationing, you have so many options! Virtually any Blue Ridge Parkway trail is great to get some fresh mountain air with your friend. Or, check out the 2 Asheville dog parks: French Broad River Park and Azalea Park. And, if you need a day to spread your wings and fly with someone else caring for your canine companion, board her for the evening at Pet Soup, a non-profit pet adoption facility that also provides doggy daycare.
Whatever your plans are while visiting Asheville, please bring your dog member and stay with us at Carolina Mornings!

November 16, 2009

Asheville=Basketball Mecca

UNC Asheville Bulldogs logoImage via Wikipedia

When you think of Asheville, I bet 9 times out of 10 the word "basketball" does not come to mind!

Well, things are changing around these parts!

The UNC-Asheville men's basketball team is getting national recognition. The team (0-1 so far this year) will travel to Knoxville, TN to take on the #10 ranked Volunteers at the University of Tennessee in a regionally televised game at 6:30pm. The team has received other national attention in recent years, such as taking on (but not beating) 2009 National Champions, the North Carolina Tar Heels, two years in a row. Make sure you tune into the Fox Sports South for the UNC-Asheville- Tennessee Game!

The men's basketball team, who play in the Big South conference, play in the Justice Center-- a 1,100 person arena. You'd better go see the Bulldogs play here soon because the men's and women's basketball teams are scheduled to move into the larger Kimmel Arena in 2010. For tickets, check out the UNC-Asheville athletics website.

The games are fun for the whole family-- and cheaper than most other sporting events! What a great deal!

Can't make it to Asheville to watch the game this Tuesday at a local pub or Asheville vacation rental? Check out the rest of the Bulldog's schedule and make a game part of one of your Asheville vacations!

Why not make a trip of it and stay at a Carolina Mornings NC mountain cabin rental? We'd love to have you and cheer on the Bulldogs in Asheville, NC!

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November 12, 2009

Need to escape to a safe "Haven"?!

Well you are IN LUCK!

You can escape to this safe "Haven"... The Carolina Mornings Asheville vacation rental "Wilderness Haven." Featured as this week's CM Asheville Rental of the Week, we hope that you find peace and relaxation and come take one of our Asheville vacations soon!

What do you get with Wilderness Haven?
- The log cabin of your Asheville vacation rental dreams.
- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
- WIFI (for you workaholics!)
- Gas fireplace
- Game room
- Unbelievable views
- 20 minutes from Asheville
- Easy access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge parkway and hiking trails

Can't believe it? Take a look at our video:

Like what you see? Stay at Wilderness Haven! Or check out our other cabin rentals in Asheville, NC and book your Asheville vacation TODAY!

November 11, 2009

Thanksgiving in Asheville: Who is preparing the meal??

Thanksgiving Table With FoodImage by Mr. T in DC via Flickr

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and now would be the time to plan your holiday visit to western NC! Gather together with family and stay in one of our pet friendly Asheville vacation homes! Many of our vacation rentals have specials this season, so start preparing for your Asheville Thanksgiving.
There are plenty of options for gathering and eating. I think the best idea is to order a quality natural or organic turkey from Greenlife Grocery or Earthfare, get some local ingredients for the trimmings, and spend a lovely day with the family in your celebration home. Start a fire in the fireplace, set up games for the kids, and get your dog a bone to share in the feast.
If cooking your Thanksgiving meal doesn't sound like a vacation getaway to you, there are plenty of delicious options around the town (one thing Asheville is known for is the food!) One such option provides the best of both worlds: no cooking, but still relaxing in your cabin! Offered is an eight person meal (complete with dessert) prepared just for you and ordered through our infamous 12 Bones Smokehouse. Besides the turkey, 12 Bones has fixin's such as dried cherry corn pudding and sausage and apple stuffing...mmm...
If you are looking for an Asheville night on the town, many of the restaurants will be open on and around Thanksgiving. From a buffet at Grove Park Inn's Blue Ridge Dining Room to a vegetarian delight at Laughing Seed Cafe, Asheville will surely have something for your celebration! And remember to share gratitude for your getaway!!

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A golf trip...with your kids?

GolfingImage by emersunn via Flickr

I bet you when you think of a "golf trip," you think of a bunch of grown men hootin' and hollerin' all weekend, sleeping someplace like the floor of cabins in Asheville, NC.

There is a new wave of golf trips with a little less man-time and a little more family time.

Family golf trips are taking off around the nation, as more and more families taking to the links together to spend more time and learn the historic game.

Kids programs are taking off around the nation and provide a good dose of outdoors time and exercise for the little ones.

Think that you have to pinch pennies in order to enjoy a normal vacation AND a round of golf?! WRONG!

Come stay at one of our Carolina Mornings Asheville vacation rentals, and you can receive ONE TEE TIME PER DAY that you stay in our cabin rentals in NC at beautiful Reems Creek Golf Course.

Not quite Tiger Woods? Neither are your kids? Reems Creek offers group lessons for as long as you need!

Now is a GREAT time to come because during the day you can enjoy a round of golf with your family, and snuggle by the fire in your NC mountain cabin rental.

Take some time before the busy holiday season to get away with your loved ones, if only for the weekend, enjoy the peaceful game of golf and stay at a Carolina Mornings North Carolina cabin rental!

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November 10, 2009

Lift Up Your Winter Days: Free, Yes Complimentary Lift Tickets-Really Free!

A ski jumper in Calgary, Canada.Image via Wikipedia
We are happy to announce that our popular Mountain Discovery Pass, which we started in April 2008, now includes another free amenity.

Carolina Mornings has teamed up with Wolf Ridge Ski Resort (Ski the Wolf!) to offer all of our guests one free ski lift pass for each day of their stay.

This is a $50 value!!

For the 2009-10 season, Ski the Wolf offers:
* Top Rated Snow Sports School with highly skilled instructors
* Night Skiing and Special Events
* Two Quad Chairlifts, Two Double Chairlifts, and One Surface Lift
* 100% Snow making Capability
* Tubing With The "Magic Carpet" To Take You Back To The Top Of The Mountain.
* Two places to park, Rent Top Quality Shaped Skis, Boots and Snowboards, purchase lift tickets/area passes and ski
(from the Ski the Wolf Web site)

Ski the Wolf is located 30 minutes north of Asheville, near Mars Hill. Carolina Mornings offers many rentals near Asheville and Wolf Ridge, so you're sure to find a great mountain home, cabin, or chalet nearby.

Total savings: $104 value/ 2 night stay! 
Stay 3 nights: Save $156

Cant find this anywhere else!
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Spice Girls Go Asheville?

Spice Girls at the O²Image via Wikipedia

Now, you and your girlfriends may not BE the Spice Girls... BUT your desire for a little bit of "girl power" is not unmatched.

AND If you are like me, the thrill of fall is often over matched by the sudden switch of Halloween to Christmas gear in the stores and the feeling that time is going WAY too fast.

Now is the perfect time to gather your girlfriends for a weekend before the holiday stress begins and take one of the best Asheville vacations you can find!

Enjoy a weekend (or LONGER!) at ANY of Carolina Morning's Asheville vacation rentals. With your Asheville cabin rental, you can add a "Girls Getaway Package." That's right. Even more incentive to rally your gal pals!

So, what can you do on your getaway?

-Take a relaxing drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway listening to pump up songs like "Girls Just Want to have Fun!"

- Go shopping at Bellagio: Art to Wear! With our Girls Getaway package, you get an $80 gift certificate! yeehaw!

- Have high tea at the Chelsea Tea Room! With our package, get 10% off your tea order!

- Enjoy a nice meal at Corner Kitchen... receive a $80 gift certificate with Girls Getaway package!

- Snuggle by a fireplace in a cozy North Carolina Mountain Cabin rental

- Take a trip to the Biltmore estate... and you guessed it! With the package get 2 tickets to Biltmore estate (valid for 2 consecutive days! AND you can upgrade to the candlelight tour for only $12/ticket!)

- While you are there, take the girls to the Winery to enjoy Biltmore Estate wine

Can't you just picture yourself relaxing in one of our NC mountain cabins? Visit Carolina Mornings website, Twitter or Facebook for more info!
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November 6, 2009

5 Reasons to come to Asheville in the winter: Reason #2- The NC Arboretum

Asheville, NC hosts a variety of events for the family throughout the year, even when the leaves have gone and the need for a fire in the fireplace creeps in. This is a great time to come and stay with Carolina Mornings at one of our beautifully appointed Asheville vacation rentals and use our fireplace!! We are constantly offering one of a kind specials & amazing savings  for you to get a chance to use our vacation cabins, and Asheville is chock  full of  events geared for families of all shapes and sizes! 
During the months of November and December, the North Carolina Arboretum hosts a showing of Winter Solstice and holiday plants helping us get in the mood for the season. The showcase includes ideas on how these plants are associated with the holidays, and gives you ideas on how to bring the holidays into your home (why not start with your NC vacation rental?). The showing opens on November 14 and runs until January 3, and at the same time the Arboretum has another exhibit on display that really excites me: American Folk Art Houses and Structures. These small houses and structures represent great artistry from the turn of the century- the 20th century- all in miniature. I have so much fun exploring such tiny dwellings as the Gingerbread House exhibits I mentioned last week (see post Nov. 3) and these small but beautifully crafted buildings are on display at the Arboretum! Bring the kids and be sure to set up your Asheville getaway with Carolina Mornings  to enjoy these holiday events.

November 4, 2009

Roy Williams Comes Home

I graduated from the great University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May, and some of my greatest undergraduate memories involve painting myself Carolina blue, driving thousands of miles to away basketball games (including the Final Four in Detroit!!) and being in the presence of legends.

Which includes my personal favorite coach, Roy Williams.

I had the opportunity to meet Coach Williams a few times and see him in a variety of settings: as a coach, a fundraiser, a Tar Heel and a regular guy. And I must say, he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.

There is just something that draws you to him. Makes you want to know more. He makes you WANT to be his friend. Even better. He makes you feel like you are one.

So, we are are all in luck! Coach Williams released his first autobiography, "Hard Work: Life On and Off the Court," this week.

Born and raised on a dot on the map of Western NC, Roy Williams reveals details his life from the harsh childhood with an alcoholic father to his superstitions and philosophies of coaching.

Highlights from the book include Coach Williams speaking honestly about learning his mother died while on a recruiting trip, how former UNC coach Bill Gutheridge didn't speak to him for three years after turning down the UNC job for the first time, and earning hugs from big men Sean May and Tyler Hansbrough after winning the 2005 and 2009 National Championships.

So, how good of a coach is he? He has the THIRD highest winning percentage in NCAA HISTORY, he has been inducted to the Hall of Fame and he has lead the UNC Tar Heels to TWO NCAA championships in 4 years (2005 and 2009)

Even better... Coach Williams is returning to Asheville, NC, his birthplace, to pay tribute to his fans and community he loves. He will be signing books on Sunday, December 13th at UNC Asheville's Justice Center. Check out Malaprop's Bookstore for more information!

Are you a big UNC fan? Do you want to come see Coach Williams? Why not make a weekend of it and stay at one of our beautiful cabins in North Carolina. Stay at an Asheville, NC cabin, and even check out the UNC Asheville basketball team take on Montreat at 4:30! What a great adventure for the basketball fan while making weekend in an Asheville vacation rental!

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November 3, 2009

Candle Light tour @ Biltmore Estate Is Ready To Light UP!

Biltmore Village Villa
Ok, Halloween is over and on Nov 6, Biltmore Estate, in our fair city of Asheville, NC will be starting the Candle Light Tours. Subtext: Christmas at Biltmore is right around the corner. Crates of poinsettias, lights, and other Christmas-like decorations will be adorned throughout the private estate.  Must reserve your tickets in advance for the evening tour, but you can also just do the day tour and use your ticket for 2 days! This makes your visit far more enjoyable to stretch your touring throughout 2 visits. Wanna stay close by, but don't want to stay at your ubiquitous hotel? Stay at Carolina Mornings'
Biltmore Village Condo situated in the Biltmore Village, directly across from the entrance of the Estate. Very convenient and a lovely condo if I do say so myself. Would love to live there full time....

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5 Reasons to Come 2 AVL in the Winter: Reason #1 Gingerbread & Asheville- Where People Win Prizes 4 Playing With Their Food!!

Now that the autumn leaves are off the trees and the air is nippy, one may think that Asheville is no longer a destination for family travel. However, this is far from the truth! Asheville begs to have families with and without children come and play. It is that time of year again- time to cozy up for the cold and prepare yourself for a fun-filled holiday season. Why not bring the whole family including your 4 legged furry member to our pet friendly Asheville, NC vacation rentals and enjoy your holidays in the mountains? Asheville has so much to offer this time of year to enjoy with your family!
Reason #1:
One of my very favorites is the National Gingerbread House Competition and Display held every year at the Grove Park Inn. From Nov. 18, 2009 -Jan. 3, 2010 take a gander at this free public display Mon- Thur any time of the day. This is a national competition, so there are entries from around the US. Grove Park now offers guided tours of the gingerbread exhibit, which amongst other things gives you a little knowledge on the gingerbread artists. I am amazed at what people can do with gingerbread and candy-it is truly phenomenal! If you will be visiting western NC earlier than this, don't worry- there are earlier gingerbread displays! Beginning Nov. 7 and running every Saturday through January 2 (5pm) is the Asheville Legendary Inns Gingerbread Tour. You will enjoy a tour from Gray Line Trolleys to "four of Asheville's historic Legendary Inns," visiting exhibits based on "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." If you aren't going to be visiting Asheville for the holidays but know someone who is, this makes a wonderful gift (why not buy a Carolina Mornings Gift Certificate and give a gift of experience)! So, grab the kids (and the dog), reserve a mountain cabin in Asheville, NC and enjoy the holidays on us! And while your at it, leave the dog curled up in the cabin and show the kids when it's okay to play with their food!

November 1, 2009

Want Beer "Buzz"?

FrostyImage by Misserion via Flickr

Looking to try something new on your Asheville, NC vacation? The community has more than 50 local beers that you can try... on draft OR in bottles that you can enjoy in your Asheville cabins.

Thought your evening had to consist of the same boring beverages? Think again! Shake your normal night up with a trip to one of Asheville's six breweries... and there are two more on the way. Neighboring town Black Mountain also has one!

Visit these local breweries for great beer, local flavor and even free beer tastings.

- Green Man: Nicknamed "Dirty Jack's". Provides beer for the popular Celtic pub Jack of the Wood. The Green Man tasting room is open every day 4-9pm AND you can even order kegs of your favorite Green Man beers to take back to your cabins in Asheville, NC to share or keep for yourself!

- Highland Brewery: Asheville's first and largest brewery! The new tasting area is open every Friday from 4-8pm and tours are available every weekday at 4pm! Live music is also featured on Fridays. Recommended brews: Gaelic Ale and Oatmeal Porter

- Asheville Pizza and Brewing: The hopping Brew 'n' Pizza place offers one of a kind beers-- even a "Christmas Jam White Ale" for the holidays! Recommended brew: Shiva IPA and Ninja Porter

- French Broad Brewing Company: Small tasting room with a variety of live local music. French Broad Brewing prides their company with creating traditional European style beers with a flavor of Asheville. Recommended brews: Gateway Kolsch and 13 Rebels Extra Special Bitter.

- Pigsah Brewing Company: All beers here are certified organic! A unique mix of Western NC flair: a tasting room with live music, art gallery, game room, large outdoor space and, of course, a fully functional brewery. Located in Black Mountain, about 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, many locals consider this spot worth the drove. Recommended brews: Pigsah Pale and Endless Summer Golden Ale.

- Wedge Brewing Company: Hosts a bar and tasting room in the quaint location, which even includes an old loading dock and patio. Recommended brews: Payne's Pale and Golem Belgian Ale.

- OysterHouse Brewing: Located inside the Lobster Trap restaurant, the brewery is a hit with seafood and beer lovers alike. The oysters are used in the brewing (i.e. the name) and present the beer with a slightly salty flavor. Recommended brew: Oyster Stout.

Need more proof? Asheville was recently named the East Coast's "Beer City USA" by Examiner. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

While you enjoy your brewski tour across the map of Western, NC, stay at a Carolina Mornings Asheville mountain vacation rental. The perfect place to enjoy the mountain air, the crisp temperature and a perfectly chilled, local Asheville beer!

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