October 17, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway: One of Asheville's Treasures

Blue Ridge Parkway
Living in Asheville, a small city, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful national treasures. We have the  beauty of the natural mountains, acclaimed writers, historic architectural buildings and the largest private home in America.  But for me, the Blue Ridge Parkway is indubitably a prize to honor and respect.   This year, the BRP celebrates 75 year birthday. This gives all of us the opportunity to honor and celebrate one of our country's gem.  Of course the Blue Ridge Parkway has been touted in a myriad of travel publications highlighting fall foliage tours including:  Travel and Leisure  "America's Best Fall Color Drives", Budget Travel adds the BRP to one of "5 Fall Foliage Drives" and Southern Living  features "Secret Spots of the Blue Ridge Parkway".  With with deep gratitude to President Roosevelt for initiating this gift to North Carolina, I hope that all generations will revere this structure as I do and continue to celebrate it's splendor throughout the years.
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October 15, 2010

Asheville's October Buena Vistas In Orange

Colorful mountainside in Asheville, North CarolinaImage by Carolina Mornings via FlickrOctober is a popular month to come and visit Asheville and her beautiful countryside. This week the leaves popped with color and the vibrant colors will be increasing for the next few weeks.  My favorite colors are the orange leaves. After 45 plus years of witnessing autumn, I am still dazzled by the gorgeous fall rainbows, particularly the orange hues. Granted, orange is my favorite color and seeing the orange weaving in and out of the mountain tops leaves me breathless.  Don't get me wrong, I am not your tree hugging, earthly granola gal. I am just crazily moved by Asheville's natural beauty.
I do feel fortunate and  hope others derive a fraction of the  pleasure I experience, while being surrounded by our Blue Ridge Mountains in the Autumn.
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October 13, 2010

Do Not Feed The Bears

Black Bear Sightings In Asheville, NC
Why are there so many bear sighting now? One of the reasons is the population of black bears, once almost absent, has increased dramatically in the past 30-40 years. Due to restrictions in hunting, we have saved the bear population. Yahoo!
 Although it saddens me to see a bear meandering through the urban streets of Asheville. Bears and concrete do not mix. I am glad to know of their strong comeback but also want to live harmonously with these 200-600 lbs beasts.
They often roam around homes and vacation rental cabins.  Recently we have had many  guests and second home owners sharing photos of bears lumbering about their property. Exciting to some, and scary to others. 
 For our vacationers, here are some tips to keep bears at a distance and have a safe journey during your Asheville getaway:
  1. Clean your grill thoroughly!!!!
  2. Clean your picnic table, patio tables and all other outdoor areas. Make sure no food residues are left for the bears'  olfactory feats of smell.
  3. Do not store your garbage outside until you are ready to check out!
  4. Do not leave pet food out!
  5. When driving at night in bear country,  slow down and use high beams.  Keep alert for movement on the sides of the road.  
  6. If you are outdoors and see a bear, do not run. Make noise, stand tall and walk backwards towards safety.
  7. Read up on the National Park's advice.

October 11, 2010

AP Takes Notes On Asheville, NC

Touring the Blue Ridge Parkway During October's Leaf Season
How wonderful to find the Associate Press take note of our abundance of Western North Carolina fall beauty and celebration in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Citing Asheville's extensive celebrations from Octoberfest, LEAF and bluegrass music, why would anyone want to miss these events? Couple the events with  sunshine, colorful mountains sprayed with gold, red and orange leaves, one can understand why the month of October is special in Asheville. Check out the 365 Things To Do In Asheville for ongoing daily activities. The biggest problem visitors will have is deciding what to do in Asheville. So I say " extend your stay", because when you return to your desk, your home or day job, you will be refreshed from the experience of the Asheville mountains.
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