January 25, 2008

Winter Specials

Winter can be a great time to visit Asheville - easy parking and shorter lines at rest- aurants.

So many people stay at home during the winter - but for those who want a wonderful week or weekend away, the off-season is a great way to save money! Asheville is just as wonderful in the wintertime as it is in summer. For those from cooler climates, Asheville offers a break from bitter cold, and for those from warmer climates Asheville might provide a chance to see some snow. There is also the added bonus of fewer people cramming into the best local stores, galleries, and restaurants.

While spring and fall are popular times in WNC because of our rich colors, and summer is always popular for mild warmer weather, winter provides crystal-clear views (none of that summertime smog that so often hides our mountains) and the leafless trees are less likely to block your line of sight from overlooks. Asheville is truly beautiful in every season.

Whether you already know you love Asheville or you're interested in taking a visit, it's worth considering a trip during the slow season. Several of our owners are offering winter specials on their vacation rentals, including:

-Discounted rates
-3 nights for the price of 2
-4 nights for the price of 3
-Complimentary firewood
-Gas rebate (3 night stay)
-Champagne or wine and light refreshments upon arrival
-Free lift tickets or a gift certificate to local businesses

If you are interested, check out our specials listings.

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