October 30, 2009

October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson is alive in Asheville!

CHONGQING CHINA - OCTOBER 27, 2009:  A woman p...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

You read it correctly. Michael Jackson is alive in Asheville, NC. Now before you go and call all the tabloids, maybe you should mosey on over to four spots on the Western NC Map that are playing the film devoted to Michael's last moments, "This is It."

The film documents MJ's rehearsal's during his scheduled concert series "This Is It," with on stage and behind the scenes footage. The film is only set to be out for a two-week run in theaters, so you'd better act quick!

In Asheville, the film is playing at the Biltmore Grande, Carolina Asheville, Cinebarre and Carmike. And, get this... for a total of 24 times A DAY! So if you get bored of looking at all the beautiful colors of the trees (HARDLY), you are a fan of MJ, or you are just interested the film, you should certainly check it out!

Want creative ways to get ready for the film? Why not have a moondance contest across the hardwood floors of one of our Asheville Cabin Rentals? OR create your own sequined glove. OR create your own "Thriller" video by decorating your NC mountain cabin.

So, Carolina Mornings wants to know your opinion of the movie! Let us know via twitter or facebook!

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Leaf season in western NC- come on, kids, get your hiking boots on!

Fall Season in Asheville, NCImage by Carolina Mornings via Flickr
What better way to enjoy autumn than to explore the wonders of leaf season in Asheville, NC! From the middle of October into November the mountains are teeming with vibrant seasonal colors. Plan a family trip to stay with Carolina Mornings in one of our beautiful Asheville vacation rentals, and get out to enjoy the wondrous sights these mountains have to offer! Get the kids all layered and ready if it's nippy and get your hiking boots on!
Warren Wilson College is a short distance from downtown Asheville and the school offers quite a few hiking trails. The area surrounding is beautiful in it's foliage, much of it adorned with the school's own farm animals. Take a minute after the hike to explore Warren Wilson's farm!
Take a quick and scenic drive out to Black Mountain to enjoy the lovely trails at Montreat College. Montreat is known in the area as a great place to hike with the kids because it offers scaled hiking, from easy to difficult. All levels of hikers can find a trail here. Plus, there is a great playground to end the hike with!
And, as always, there is the wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway. A drive along the Parkway is a sight to definitely see during leaf season, and there are trails shooting off into every direction. Get a panoramic view from Craggy Gardens or Mt. Pisgah, or head even further in either direction for more spectacular views. Keep in mind that during this time of year there may be road closures on the Parkway, so check in with the Parkway headquarters before you go.
There are so many places to enjoy hiking with your kids in and around Asheville, too many to list here!! I have listed some of my favorites for hunting season, so as not to worry about keeping a constant eye out!

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October 26, 2009

Halloween Bonaza in Asheville NC-So Many Options To Be Freaked Out!

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 31:  A young boy p...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Why not consider taking a family weekend getaway to Asheville, NC? Staying in one of  our Asheville cabins  we can provide your kids with the comfort you need during this Hallow's Eve season. Go paint the town red  and face your daunting fears but know the warmth and comfort of hot cider and a crackling fireplace await you at your Asheville, NC  vacation rental.  Face your  fears while holding hands with your kids and honey as Asheville, NC has plenty to offer in celebrating this spooky season.
Here is a great itinerary for a family Halloween Getaway:
October 30 - Arrive at your Asheville accommodation, settle in and head out to Mars Hill  for Appalachian Ghost Stories Beneath the Stars  which begins at 7 pm. 
Return to your home away from home and rest up for Halloween Day/Night!
Start October 31st with a homemade breakfast, making sure your costumes are complete and then head out to the Harvest Hoedown from 12p to 3p.  
 What better way to enjoy Trick or Treating in the old historic neighborhood of Montford.  Far spookier than your quintessential suburban neighborhood!  
Before coming back to your Asheville vacation rental to view and eat your treasures, pop into Malaprop's Bookstore for their Graveyard Book Party from 7p-9p and cheer for your kids to win the costume or design-your-own-tombstone contest.
And for families who's kids are grown and couples who decided to come to Asheville, NC this Halloween Weekend without the kids......

Dress up for your own dark night on the town and be ready for the sights you see (and those you can't see...)! Beer City USA offers a Haunted Pub Crawl. Or you can stay put at one venue for the Spirits of Asheville Masquerade at the Haywood Park Hotel at 8pm, featuring one of Asheville's local bands and burlesque (maybe I'll see you there!). Another possibility is Screamfest, a party at the Grove House in all three venues. Whatever your fright, Asheville has a night for you!
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NC mountain cabins, North Carolina vacations rentals: November Special at Asheville Mountain Vacation Cabin

A blog written by the employees of Carolina Mornings. We provide a guide to Asheville and Western North Carolina, including our Asheville, NC vacation rentals, with interesting tidbits, events and information.

Carolina Mornings, Asheville's Luxury Mountain Vacation Homes Support Green Living!

Carolina Mornings of Asheville, NC, the leading resource of upscale luxury vacation homes supports green business models which reduce waste and conserve energy. We are the first in the area to  institute an EcoFriendly certification program which allows property owners and guests/visitors to participate in minimizing our environmental footprint.

Every Asheville cabin certified as EcoFriendly maintains a recycling program in additional to choosing other green features such as low-wattage light bulbs, heat pumps, low-flow toilets, solar panels, and much more. Owners are encouraged to combine features which reduce carbon emissions, conserve energy and manage resources in a sustainable fashion.

Our offices also qualify as EcoFriendly under the same conditions… meaning that brokers and owners have jointly agreed to share the burden of preserving the natural integrity of Western North Carolina and the planet Earth at large.

EcoFriendly properties may feature the following:
  • Recycling (Required)
  • Recycled paper products or cloth alternatives
  • Solar outdoor lighting for walkways
  • Nontoxic cleaning products
  • Water saving kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Low-impact environmental furnishings
  • Displacement to reduce toilet waste water
  • Properly installed blow insulation
  • Energy-saving windows
  • Down comforters and renewable-resource linens
  • Nontoxic low VOC paint
  • Reuseable coffee filters and tea balls
  • Composting
  • Air purification systems
  • Energy-saving appliances
  • Fresh heating and air conditioning filters
  • Energy-efficient lamps and light fixtures
  • Renewable heating sources
  • Fresh and tightly sealed weather stripping
  • Heating biofuels 
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
At Carolina Mornings, we are trying to make Asheville, NC a better, greener vacation destination by providing our guests with Eco Friendly Asheville vacation rentals.

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A Fabulous Day @ Biltmore Estate's Garden in Asheville, NC

More stories at Carolina Mornings
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Do you believe in ghosts? In ASHEVILLE?

haunted tree
In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to take a dive into the rich (and spooky) history of paranormal activity in Asheville, NC.
Now, grab a hold of your wits because things get scarier from here.
"The Pink Lady" is one of the most famous ghost stories around Asheville and located at the Grove Park Inn. Supposedly a young woman was pushed from a balcony and fell to her death, and now haunts room 545 at the inn. People to this day report seeing her or the lights turning on and off sporadically. I haven't ever seen her, but I've grown up hearing the story!
George W. Vanderbilt, owner of the Biltmore House is said to be seen at the mansion after his 1914 death from surgery complications. Workers say sometimes they hear laughter from the drain of the pool or footsteps on the second floor. If I were them, I would get out my Western NC map and get out of dodge!
Even better? If you stay at one of our rental homes, you can get one FREE adult admission to a REGULAR Asheville Historic Trolley Tour! After you take a scary tour, you will be sure to want to see the city in the day time!
There is MORE!? Did you know: When you stay at one of our luxurious North Carolina cabin rentals, you can purchase Biltmore tickets through US and get a second day FREE to tour the Estate?! You can try to see George W. Vanderbilt's ghost yourself! AND the tickets are valid for 2 consecutive days! If you don't see him the first day, try, try again! AND you can get a ticket upgrade to the Candle Light evening tour for only $12.

Just LAST YEAR, there was a supposed sighting of a ghost at Asheville High School! Spooky!
There are ghost tours ALL OVER Asheville, willing to take you around and show you where these paranormal spirits were once seen. One of our favorites?
The Asheville Historic Trolley Ghost Tours will give you a spook on your trip around Asheville. Again, more value here with a Carolina Mornings vacation rental: one free admission on Asheville Historic Trolley Tours (all part of of MDP pass). You even get an expert as your guide-- Joshua P. Warren (who has been seen all over TV on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel... and Sci-Fi!) As you sit on the trolley, you will be guided through the stories of the largest mass murder in Asheville history, phantoms of Church Street and the Civil War Battle of Asheville. Just reading about it gives me the chills!

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October 24, 2009

Can you really go white-water rafting in October?

2006-09-17 Upper Gauley River, WV - White Wate...
Are you a thrill seeker? Well don't think that adventure has to end just because it is getting a bit nippy outside!!
I was looking for something to do this weekend, and you are as surprised as I am when I found out that you can go rafting comfortably, even when the water is less than balmy! I thought that rafting was only saved for summer and that I had missed my chance to go down river on an exciting trip this year.
White-water rafting is a great opportunity to get in your thrills and chills...and there are so many options around Asheville! French Broad Rafting,  located in Hot Springs, NC. Not only do they offer amazing rafting for all skill levels...
AND don't worry about getting cold... they provide wetsuits, splash jackets, booties AND gloves to keep you thinking about the rapids, gorgeous foliage and wildlife up in the mountains of Asheville (and not how cold you are!)

If you stay at one of our Asheville mountain cabin rentals in/near Asheville, NC, you will get ONE FREE PASS for rafting every day of your stay! All you have to do is make the reservation! Once made you can raft every day of your stay for free!!! Savings of $94 for two days of rafting....or a savings of $47/day!!! What an incredible deal!
French Broad offers rafting 7 days a week through October ( you have one more week! Get on it!) These trips take you down the French Broad River on a course of your choice: a 9-mile trip with Class I-IV rapids (5-6 hours), or a 5-mile trip with Class I-III rapids (2-3 hours). Wet suits and splash gear will be provided... just remember your bathing suit underneath and wear layers to keep warm!
I'm convinced. Why should we waste this beautiful weather indoors? (We are going to have enough bone-chilling cold weather this winter!) Consider staying at one of our Asheville, NC cabins when you go white-water rafting on the French Broad River... and be sure to take advantage of our FREE adventures  than will be sure to give you the thrills you've been craving!
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October 23, 2009

Smelly and furry, but loads of crafty fun!!

It is the time of year to start wintertime crafting with the family!! While visiting Asheville, NC, one marvels at the beauty of this crafty town. If you are staying in one of Carolina Mornings' Asheville vacation rentals this weekend, take the short trip to the WNC Ag Center in Fletcher to enjoy the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. This event is my favorite place to purchase wool for felting and yarn for knitting, as well as all the accessories needed to create beautiful holiday gifts for yourself and others. Dont know much about this ancient craft? Not to worry, there are workshops for all levels of crafters, vendors selling kits for adults and kids and many demonstrations.  Get away for an afternoon by yourself while letting the family to explore downtown Asheville's restaurants and boutiques (hoorah for you!).  Plan B: Extend the the family vacation to the joys of fiber art! The connection between animals and art is a wonderful way to  enhance your children's creativity.

So go ahead and buy yourself and your children some wool or angora. Snuggle up on the sofa, in front of the crackling fireplace at your Asheville vacation home, and knit away! How idyllic is this! Give yourself permission to just be! 

Before you know it, your family will be wanting to come back for an Asheville family vacation during the Animal Fiber Fair! 

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair hours are:
Friday October 23 and Saturday October 24 9am- 6pm
Sunday October 25 9am- 4pm

October 22, 2009

On a chilly night while vacationing in Asheville, NC...

Why not take the kids and see a movie? Here are a few of the theaters in the area and what they are playing at this time. If you are staying at one of our Asheville vacation rentals, this could be the answer to a relaxing evening with the family. And no worries- Carolina Mornings offers many pet-friendly vacation rentals where you can leave Fido in while you are having a night out!

Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company: By far one of my top favorite places to see a movie! For your time visiting Asheville, while with (or if you happen to be without!) the kids, you must check out this brew and view! No matter what you are seeing, the pizza and beer while watching a movie for $3pp is pretty great. There is also a pretty decent games room.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The Carolina Theater: This theater is new to Asheville, and I have yet to visit, unfortunately. I have heard great things.

Where the Wild Things Are

Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Feature 3D

Cinnebarre: A theater in a shopping center that serves food and drinks.

Where the Wild Things Are

Regal Biltmore Grande Stadium 15: Also a newer theater, located in a new shopping center.

Where the Wild Things Are

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Feature 3D

Check out our Free local paper for showtimes once you get acquainted in one of our Asheville vacation rentals. Or, check out the link to the current schedule:
Mountain Express movie showtimes

October 21, 2009

You'd Better Get Over Your Fear of Heights...QUICK!

The Best Way to View Asheville in the Fall? Hot Air Balloons!
Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp, cool air, the comfort of apple cider and the beauty of the changing leaves. I go to great extremes to get good pictures of the colorful wonders falling to the ground. I'll spend agonizing moments trying to get the perfect picture of an orange, crinkly leaf landing softly on the ground.

BUT, I've just discovered a way to get even BETTER pictures: HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES!
Now, if you are looking to see the BEST views of Asheville, NC, consider taking a ride with Asheville Hot Air Balloons. If you are afraid of heights, keep reading. I'm going to try to convince you to get over your fears!

Just think. This once in a lifetime experience allows you to see the majestic views of the changing leaves all across the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town of Asheville from above and even get a glimpse of your mountain cabin from a different angle! You will get pictures that every Facebook friend of yours will ENVY!

What do you need to know about taking the plunge... I mean, FLIGHT: The flight path depends on the wind direction and depending on wind speed, the flight should last up to an hour. A general flight has enough room for 10 passengers.

So, I didn't quite convince you to go on a hot air balloon ride because flying is not quite your cup of tea? Gather your fear (and a picnic) and trek to the top of Mount Mitchell! Although you won't get the same effect of flying over the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will be on top of one!

Mount Mitchell is the HIGHEST POINT east of the Mississippi, reaching 6,684 feet and is about 20 miles north of Asheville, NC. Be sure to bring extra layers because the temperature is usually 10-30 (!) degrees cooler than in Asheville.

You ready to take flight? Take a trip this weekend and stay in some of the best mountain vacation rentals in Asheville. These NC mountain cabin rentals have picture-worthy views-- looks like your camera is going to get a good workout while you are here!

What dot on the Western, NC map would you like to see from a hot air balloon? Let Carolina Mornings know via our Facebook page or Twitter!

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October 19, 2009

Has Halloween Gone to the Dogs?

cow pugImage by istolethetv via Flickr
A new trend is sweeping the nation and is headed to Asheville, NC this Halloween!
(And you thought a Kate Gosselin costume -- from Jon and Kate Plus 8 -- would be the new craze for Halloween!)
Dog costumes are becoming more popular showing up in mainstream stores like Target, Petsmart and specialty costume shops.
Looking for a good way to get your pup out of your Asheville cabin and enjoying the holiday? Bring your dog to the Blaze-n-Skyy's Halloween Dog Festival! Dress your pooch in Halloween gear and come on down to Downtown Asheville on Oct. 24, 2009!
The contest begins at 1 PM and winners will be announced at 3:30 PM. To enter a dog, onsite registration begins at 11 AM and costs $5/dog per contest. Bring your dog early to hang out downtown at the many dog-friendly restaurants and shops!
There are several categories including: large dog, small dog, best ensemble and best trick. The Best in Show winner will be featured as next year's Poster Pooch.
Register online at www.blazenskyy.com or in person:
Blaze-N-Skyy Pett Boutique & Wellness Center at 30 Battery Park Ave. in Downtown Asheville.
Don't have a dog? Doors open at noon and is free for all spectators.
Don't know what to dress your dog as? The Top 10 costumes for this year include: Bumble Bee, Pirate, Devil, Prisoner, and Pumpkin, just to name a few!
And DID YOU KNOW: Carolina Mornings has pet-friendly vacation rentals in Asheville, NC? Come stay at one of our beautiful mountain cabins in Asheville during the dog festival!
Do you dress up your dog? Send Carolina Mornings pictures of your pup's costume or pics from the contest! Post them to our Carolina mornings facebook fan page or twitter account!

October 16, 2009

Fall Fun for the WHOLE Family: Corn Mazes!

CornmazeImage by JLee G via Flickr
What is your favorite fall memory? Watching your parents prepare your costume when you were a child (or even preparing your own children's witch/cat/Hannah Montana costume!) Overlooking the beautiful changing leaves from the warmth of your Asheville cabin? Sipping apple cider on a crisp carolina morning?
As you ponder wonderful memories, consider another fall favorite: CORN MAZES!
There is no better way to spend a fall day than enjoying a fun corn maze! Western North Carolina is home to some of the finest (and hardest!) in the state!
Check out these corn mazes near Asheville, NC and other fall events and specialities they offer!
- Blue Ridge Corn Maze: Located in Pigsah Forest, NC-- less than 50 minutes from Asheville. The farm hosts 6 acres of corn mazes and is open Saturday and Sundays 2-7 PM through Halloween.
  • General Admission (ages 13+) $7.00
  • Children (ages 6-12) $5.00
  • Children 5 and under FREE
- Canton Corn Maze: Located in Canton, less than 25 minutes from Asheville. The corn maze is cut into the shape of Captain Sully, the pilot who landed the plane safely in the Hudson River in Jan. 2009. The farm also has campfires, a country store, mini mazes, hayrides and even haunted corn maze events. The Canton Corn Maze is open Wed-Friday 4-9 PM and Saturdays and Sundays 1-9 PM.
  • General Admission (ages 12+) $8.00
  • Children (ages 5- 11) $6.00
Come stay at our many Asheville vacation rentals during the beautiful fall weather and take a day-trip to the corn mazes! Do you have pictures from a corn maze adventure? Post them to our Carolina Mornings facebook fan page or twitter account!

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Unique Kid Specialty Stores Outside Of Downtown Asheville, NC: NO TOYS R US TO BE FOUND!

I've previously offered ideas on where in the downtown center to make souvenir purchases for the young folk in the family while staying in one of our Asheville vacation rentals, enjoying a break from the stresses of daily living. This is an especially good idea if you are taking advantage of our Last Hurrah Babymooners Getaway package" Last Hurrah Babymooners Getaway package (click on the link and scroll through our specials until you see these great money saving deals: coupons to 2 of the stores listed here)!

If you are still feeling adventurous after perusing downtown and you want to stop and shop for the kids while out and about, Dancing Bear Toys on Tunnel Rd. (very close to the mall, I might add) is a great children's toy store. You can check out Just Ducky in Biltmore Village, a store offering local, handmade clothing for children and a small selection of gifts and toys. Also in Biltmore Village is Once Upon a Time, a wonderful children's shop full of fun toys and books. One of my favorites is in West Asheville: The Littlest Birds. They offer a beautiful selection of organic infant-to-toddler clothing (many locally made) and non-toxic toys. This store also has consignment!

Asheville not only offers many great adventures for the family; the shopping is fabulous as well. And as you can see, there are many choices (and many not listed!) of possibilities when your children say to you, “There is nothing here for me to look at! What can I buy?!”

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October 14, 2009

Did you know: Asheville is America's "Best Vegetarian-Friendly Small City?"

stoked over vegan eggs <span class=Image by amber in norfolk via Flickr

According to HelpingAnimals.com, Asheville Ranked #1 among small cities as the MOST vegetarian friendly. Noted for being the "open-minded mecca for artistic people who are active in all creative adventures," Asheville is host to a variety of vegetarian restaurants, markets and other hot spots.

The website highlights notable spots such as the Laughing Seed restaurant, Barley's Taproom, Asheville Pizza Company and Mellow Mushroom. Serving as a hub for more than just vegetarian restaurants, Asheville is home to different kinds of humane businesses including Beaufort House, a bed and breakfast, and Animal Haven, a rescue for farm animals.

If you are looking for quick vegetarian food, check out The Earth Fare in Westgate Plaza! The hot food bar and salad bar offers a variety of vegetarian AND vegan foods to satisfy all of your cravings!

The Asheville area also has a vegetarian food service, Veg-In-Out , that supplies bulk gourmet vegetarian meals that can be delivered to your Asheville, NC cabin! Great food without leaving the house!

Asheville hosts a website devoted solely to vegetarians in the area. The site features vegetarian restaurant reviews, recipes to make at home and even a VegDiscount Card for discounts in and around Asheville. Want more? Carolina Mornings is also pet-friendly! Check out these pet-friendly Asheville cabin rentals! Our office also has gift bags for your favorite pooch so please stop by on your way through Asheville!

What is your favorite spot on the Western NC map for vegetarian food, pet-friendly Asheville cabins or restaurants?

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October 13, 2009

Asheville, NC: a shopping paradise, but where do I purchase stuff for the kids??

Temari BallImage by So Sylvie via Flickr

We all like to bring at least one souvenir home with us when we travel and if you are like me, I love shopping for my children and friends' children. Grandma loves to gather goodies for her clan when she is vacationing as well. While staying in one of our Asheville vacation rentals, visitors are always enamored with the cute boutiques and funky shops that this quaint town has to offer, most of them locally owned. Many people don't know where to buy special gifts and treasures, for the young ones in the family.

While traversing downtown Asheville, NC, check out Earth Guild for those that are artsy and crafty. The Woolworth Walk offers fun, local artwork that your kids can take home and display as souvenirs. A book could be perfect for your child when you want to relax in our vacation cabins. Visit Malaprop's Bookstore, or their used store, Downtown Books and News.

One of my favorites is Nest Organics for natural and beautiful infant-to-small child purchases, featuring quality organic clothing and non-toxic wooden toys. Cosmic Vision is a non-profit storefront carrying gifts from around the world. Or Cornerstone Minerals, where children can pick from a variety of beautiful rocks and crystals. Mast General Store offers a children's section of both clothing and toys, some of which can be quite nostalgic for adults wandering through (beware: there is also a huge candy section that can also be quite nostalgic!). Lastly, there is Enviro Depot, the only store downtown dedicated soley to children's toys. Enjoy the uniqueness of downtown Asheville!
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October 9, 2009

Play Like Tiger Woods... Or at least play on his new Asheville course!

Tiger WoodsImage by Keith Allison via Flickr

Tiger Woods' latest golf course design, The Cliffs at High Carolina, is his first course in North America and is located minutes from downtown Asheville. (We don't have any Asheville vacation rentals at the Cliffs but we do have many other great offerings...with free golf!)

Why Asheville, NC? Why Not! Woods, the No. 1 golfer in the world, pulled out his Western NC map and picked Asheville for obvious beauty, spectacular views and wonderful community.

The members-only course, which is expected to be completed in Mid 2010, will be a walkable course with elevations reaching nearly 4,000 feet. The southern exposure of the course will also make the course playable year-round. The course will be a part of a community with a state-of-the-art Wellness Center and Spa, Community village and a trail system over miles of mountain trails. Other courses in the community by well-known designers include: two Jack Nicklaus Signature courses, two Tom Fazio courses, a Gary Player signature course and a Tom Jackson designed course.

Does the anticipation of this new course make you want to practice until you ARE Tiger? Check out the Mountain Discovery Pass here at Carolina Mornings! Even if you don't have Tiger's paycheck, YOU can play for FREE at Reems Golf Club (and get other exciting freebies like skiing and white water rafting!)

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Top 10 FREE Things to do in Asheville THIS WEEKEND

Blue Ridge in the MorningImage by ~libby via Flickr

Just because the economy is down doesn’t mean your weekend should be also!

1. Explore UNC-Asheville or Warren Wilson College! UNC-Asheville, which has more than 3,600 students, is located near the heart of the Asheville community. Explore the changing foliage on campus, the vibrant student life or venture just off-campus to the beautiful botanical gardens. Warren Wilson College is located in the Swannanoa Valley- ten miles east of Asheville. The College has more than 900 students, and the campus features hiking trails throughout.

2. Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Even if the weatherman is calling for a bit of rain this weekend, the Blue Ridge Parkway will be sure to brighten your day! Take out that Western NC map and drive along the breathtaking views, making sure to stop at the many drive-offs to take perfect pictures! 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

3. Parade of Homes: The annual showcase of beautiful Asheville cabins, homes and gardens comes to town Oct. 10-11 and 17-18 noon until 5pm. See the some of the nicest luxury cabins in North Carolina!

4. Art in the Park: For three Saturdays in October, artists from the area and the region come together in Pack Square Park, bringing a buzz of creativity and excitement to the area! Oct. 10 and 17th are the final two Saturdays! You don’t want to miss this!

5. Friday Night Drum Circle- This 8-year tradition of local citizens dancing and playing music is a perfect way to spend a Friday evening. Bring your own percussion instrument or just enjoy the music and buzz.

6. Browse the unique stores and sites in Downtown Asheville: This is the tried-and-true standout for locals and tourists alike. With more than 200 shops, restaurants, galleries, etc., everyone will have a good time from morning to night!

7. Asheville City Market: This producer-only market is located at S. Charlotte St. in the Public Works Building lot. Come every Saturday through Dec. 19 from 8am-1pm for fresh local produce! Save money, support our local economy by cooking at your favorite mountain cabin!

8. The Botanical Gardens at Asheville: These gardens may be the most beautiful in the area. The 10-acre preserve is just off the UNC-Asheville campus and features native plants from the Southern Appalachian area.

9. Asheville Urban Trail: Don’t just limit your idea to hiking as getting away climbing mountains near your cabin in Asheville or sprawling wildlife. Take a different approach on the Asheville Urban Trail! This 1.7 waking tour throughout downtown Asheville provides a glimpse of history and culture during this 30-stop hike.

10. The North Carolina Arboretum: Located on more than 430 acres of natural beauty, the NC Arboretum features cultivated gardens, 10 miles of hiking/biking trails and indoor and outdoor exhibits for all to enjoy. Get out there in on of those beautiful North Carolina mornings and if you are daring, take the “A Glide Through Nature” Segway Tour!

What are you doing FREE this weekend?

Carolina Mornings wants to know!

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