August 20, 2008

20 pound boxes of local organic tomatoes - just $12!!

I just got this update from BlogAsheville, and it sounds so good I have to help spread the word...
Twenty-lb. boxes of local, certified organic summer tomatoes are going for $12/box through this Saturday while supplies last. Freeze and can!

From an email from local tailgate market coordinator Harry Hamil, some info about helping a Fairview farm and getting some cheap organic tomatoes in the process:

Cane Creek Valley Farm in Fairview is a family owned, certified organic farm which grew out of a family's long time dairy in the Cane Creek Community. In only its second year, owner/farmers Amanda and Jeremy Sizemore have come face to face with the reality of selling on a large wholesale basis. In an attempt to better package their product, they added a divider to the 20# tomato boxes. Unfortunately, the divider was a shade off in size and flattened the shoulders of most of the tomatoes in each box. As a result, about 13,000 pounds of large red tomatoes became unsellable through Cane Creek Valley's usual markets.

The "bruises" where so insignificant that I didn't see them the first time Kathryn tried to show them to me. I had to turn the tomato in the light to be able to see it. Before I agreed to help, I gave the tomato the taste test I knew it would pass... And it did with flying colors. It's a good WNC tomato!

: Twenty-pound boxes of certified organic WNC tomatoes for $12. One-box minimum.

Varieties: Mountain Fresh (developed at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station) and Crista (a new disease-resistant tomato). Tomatoes vary from 7 - 18 ounces with a mix in every box.

Participating Markets through Saturday, August 23rd only:
Black Mountain Farmer's Market 664-0060
French Broad Food Co-op 255-7650 (ask for produce)
Haywood Road Market 225-4445
Hendersonville Community Co-op 693-0505
Pisgah View Community Peace Garden 989-0893 (ask for Bob White)

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I saw a case for $12 at the Haywood Road Co-op and thought THAT was great....but 20lbs.