October 15, 2008

Leaf Update!

A post over at BlogAsheville says now is the time to head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway's higher elevations and do a little viewing or hiking. There is also a great photo of fall color from just yesterday posted there, if you need visual encouragement!
Ok, if you don't get up on the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend or before, you'll be very sorry for about a year. There's still more color to come in the middle mountains and the foothills, but the ride up to this autumn wonderland is lined with maple leaves blood red, sassafrass' warm yellows, late-blooming asters and a color palate as diverse as our wonderful ecosystem.
The fall foliage report at VisitNC.com hasn't been updated as of this posting today, but last week's update says that at the high elevations, colors were starting to really pop.
With the maples and burning bushes showing bright reds, oranges and yellows and the birches, goldenrod and poplar showing darker hues, there is plenty for everyone’s eyes to enjoy. Lower elevations and the piedmont areas are showing little leaf color, but are plentiful in colorful fall events and attractions.
You can get more information on leaf colors by calling 1-866-6leaves.

It sounds like those of you who have already planned a trip to the mountains in the next few weeks are really going to luck out. Last year fall color was kind of a dud, so if you came last year and were disappointed, you should consider coming back to make up for it!

We're still taking October reservations, with several properties still available. As always, check them out on the Carolina Mornings Web site.

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