June 24, 2009

My Famous Girls Getaway Recognized: 7 Reasons I Loved It.

Thank you HULU.com. After 2.5 years, I have been wanting to share my 15 minutes of fame and thanks to Hulu.com, I am able to accomplish this minor goal.
You see, back in March of 2007, my dearest friends (of 30 + years) and I were chosen, out of 200 applications, to participate in one of the 13 episode of Fine Living Network series "All Girl Getaways". We loved filming our getaway in Asheville. I loved it for many reasons:
1) I got to play instead of work in our beloved city.
2) My friends discovered the joys of Asheville.
3) Specifically, I loved spending the evening getting a facial and then relaxing in the world famous spa at Grove Park Inn.
4) We all ate with gusto at Tupelo Honey and Fig
5) Hanging out at the River Arts District was a wonderful treat and I wonder why I had never ever been there before.
6) Having with my dear friends anywhere is so comforting and sharing my Asheville life with them was powerful.
7) Taping a show with microphones and retakes is a hoot!

Now I am hoping that other gaggles of women will enjoy Asheville together. Just take a look at this video-doesnt it make you want to book a vacation with your best friends?

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