December 29, 2009

Ring in the New Year in Asheville, NC!! PART II

Looking for a New Year getaway? Come and stay with us in an Asheville, NC mountain cabin to ring in 2010, and check out the local scene!! We have already covered a few New Year's 2010 happenings, and here are a few more:
-If you have an in, and know the people you should know, then maybe you could get tickets to the sold out show at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium: The Avett Brothers on New Year's Eve!! This is the biggest event happening in Asheville, and if you are a fan and really want to go, surely you can make it happen!
-A local favorite, Woody Wood and Hollywood Red, will be playing at Jack of the Wood, a favorite local pub that serves their signature Green Man Brewing beer (brewed down the street at Dirty Jack's). This pub has a cozy ambiance and great food, so you could make it an evening-into-night affair!
-Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band is also a local fave, and this year they will party at Emerald Lounge on Dec. 30 & Dec. 31, 2009. If you're into doing some booty shakin', this may just be the place for you! You can always check them out on the 30th and hear something else that Asheville has to offer on the 31st... just an option...
-If you are looking for something to do with the family and feel like getting out, check out the Conscious New Year's Eve Party in Black Mountain at Camp Rockmont. Although the gathering seems to be focused indoors, Camp Rockmont is a beautiful place for retreats and music (this is where the bi-annual Lake Eden Arts Festival is held)

So many options for the new decade here in Asheville, so load up the family and head to your home away from home in one of our Asheville vacation cabins (even Fido can stay with you at many of Carolina Mornings' properties!).

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