February 14, 2011

Appalachian Old Time Music and Contra Dancin' in Asheville, NC

Just a reminder of what a rich music community we have here in western NC! The roots of Old Time Music are deep, and you can find Old Timers all over town.
Does that Old Time music make you want to move? Contra dancing goes hand-in-hand with Old Time, and you can always come a bit early to the dances to get a lesson. Don't worry-it is a group dance and everyone is a teacher of sorts; you'll learn! Here is a couple places to check out Contra around town (and of course the good ol' live music that is playing for the dancers!):

Monday nights at The Grey Eagle, 8pm

Thursday nights at Warren Wilson College, 8pm

Wednesday nights (every Wednesday) Old Time jam at Jack of the Wood, 6ish, and another 9ish

Check out the Old Farmer's Ball site if you are really interested!