June 8, 2011

Property Spotlight: Flying Fish Hill

The owners of this beautiful vacation getaway home have a charming story about how the place got its name. As the family was relaxing on the front porch one afternoon, a hummingbird came up to them and hovered right in front of their faces for a moment that seemed to last forever. After it flew away, the husband and father of the family was so excited, his words got mixed up and he exclaimed, “Did you see the flying fish?” Their intimate and hilarious family moment gave this beautiful place its quirky yet appropriate name.

When you stay in this huge hilltop home, wake up to a different sunrise every morning. Later in the day, watch the sun come down and change the colors of the mountain – the rest of the world just melts away. Call us today to reserve a vacation rental experience at Flying Fish Hill you’ll never forget!

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