October 19, 2011

Ten Reasons You Deserve a Vacation Rental

If you're curious why staying in a vacation rental hands-down beats staying at a hotel, here's ten convincing reasons:

1. Value: Vacation rentals cost less than hotels, especially if you're staying for more than one night, or if the size of your family or group would require multiple hotel rooms. Plus, that mountain view is priceless. Call Carolina Mornings Vacation Planners and let us prove it to you! (Shown: The view from Flying Fish Hill)

2. Space: Isn't vacation all about stretching out and relaxing? A hotel room the size of a shoebox makes it hard to even find room for you and yours to sit down comfortably. And if you're traveling with friends or family, no matter how much fun the car ride was, it's nice to have your own room at the end of the day.

3. Exploration: Tourist areas are good for tourist activities, and that may be what you're looking for mid-day. But if you want to find some local charm and character, and get out of the suburban box, a vacation rental will take you to new and exciting places. Carolina Mornings offers Packages and Discounts for all your entertainment needs. Where should you go for dinner? Ask your neighbor!

4. Kitchens: Vacation rentals include fully-equipped kitchens, making it an option to cook a meal that isn't microwaved. Maybe that means you'll show off your gourmet skills, or maybe it means enjoying your favorite chicken pot pie hot out of the oven. Either way, at least it's an option to save some dough and skip a few restaurant meals. And unlike a tiny one, a full-sized refrigerator actually has room for a gallon of milk, a six pack of soda, and a few take-out containers. (Shown: The kitchen at Casa Bella)

5. Extras: Imagine being able to park in the garage, throw in a load of laundry, take a bike out for a leisurely cruise, play board games with your kids, and watch a movie, all without any surplus cost. The unexpected extras you'll find at vacation rentals might surprise you, and just might elevate your vacation to pure delight!

6. Your Pet: Why leave Fido at the kennel when he could come on vacation with you? Would you leave your best friend in a pen while you go away? Most of Carolina Mornings' vacation rentals, are pet-friendly; and, let's face it, your pet is spoiled and deserves a vacation too.

7. Uniqueness: If you're looking for a memorable stay in a well appointed space, rather than the exact same "artwork" and bedspread you've seen a million times before, choose a vacation rental. Each home is unique and has the care of a homeowner's personal touch. Carolina Mornings has so many vacation cabins available, you can stay in a different one every time you visit the North Carolina mountains. (Shown: The living area at Great Escape)

8. Privacy: Although a hotel pool full of strangers and screaming kids is appealing, the privacy of a hot tub at a vacation rental is even better. Avoid the crowd. Get some much-needed quiet time. Vacation rentals allow you to actually escape stressful situations, and that's the point of vacation, right?

9. Cleanliness: Vacation rentals don't experience nightly turnovers like hotels. Plus, homeowners and a happy housekeeping team, not a corporation staring down a budget bottom line, are responsible for your comfort. Flexible check-in and check-out times means there'll never be someone rudely banging on your door at 10:30 a.m. Feel free to walk around barefoot in your vacation rental.

10. Community Support: Since you planned your vacation around a destination, it's safe to assume you love the community. Support both a local business and a homeowner by staying in a vacation rental. When you call the Vacation Planners at Carolina Mornings, they'll make suggestions that will make your vacation special. After all, Asheville is their home.


1. No room service... but you've got a kitchen, and you really do make better eggs, exactly the way you want them.

2. No maid service... but you've got a laundry room, and it's included in your rental fee. And you're on vacation; there's no rule saying you have to make the bed everyday.

3. No concierge... SCRATCH THAT ONE. Carolina Mornings offers Concierge Service with all of our vacation rentals. Bonus!

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