March 28, 2008

Former President visits Asheville

Tonight President Bill Clinton will be at Asheville High School.

No matter how you feel about the most scandalous president since Nixon, having such a high-profile figure in Asheville is a pretty big deal, since WNC isn't exactly known for being a hot bed of federal election campaign activity.

Keeping the politics of election season aside, the news came as a surprise to me this morning, when Matt (our Property Services Coordinator) mentioned it in the office. And from what I read in the Asheville Citizen-Times article, the news came as a surprise to Asheville High, too.

From the ACT article:
The visit came as a surprise to officials of Asheville City Schools, who were left scrambling to make arrangements. Mike Lodico, interim assistant superintendent, said a representative of the Clinton campaign showed up unannounced at the school system’s central offices around 10 a.m. Thursday seeking the use of a school facility.

Ray said she was told by the campaign official that Clinton would speak for about 45 minutes starting at 9 p.m., then would shake hands and greet the crowd along a rope line. Secret Service agents will be on the campus this afternoon to make security checks, and Clinton would arrive in a motorcade from Hickory, she said.

No tickets are needed, and doors open at 8 p.m. For more information, see the bottom of the most recent ACT article here.

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