March 3, 2008

More Asheville Restaurants

Sometimes the venture into downtown Asheville for lunch or dinner can be overwhelming - finding parking, paying for parking, walking in search of where you're going, long waits once you get to the restaurant. After a long day of driving or hiking or other adventures you may not want to experience the extra hassle, especially if you've planned another day to 'do' downtown. Several restaurants in Asheville are located outside of downtown, take reservations or have shorter lines, and are just as tasty...

Marco's Pizza
Two locations in North & South Asheville.

Great Italian family restaurant straight from NYC - awesome pizza but plenty of salads, sandwiches and entrees to please everyone's taste buds and rumbling stomachs. The most popular pizza place in Asheville with locals, but lots of seating so there's hardly ever much of a wait.

Urban Burrito

Four locations each side of Asheville

Huge, tasty, customizable meals - burritos, tacos, quesadillas, salads, chili... the list goes on. Inexpensive, filling, and GOOD. Great lunch fare, or good for a quick dinner.

Located in East Asheville.

Another great Italian and Greek family restaurant, but pricer than Marcos (jeans and tees are still welcome, but the atmosphere, dishes, and prices are a little more upscale). Best for dinner, and a regular spot for locals so expect a longer wait for dinner. Insider tip: they take reservations, sometimes even as close as an hour before your planned arrival!

Corner Kitchen
Located in Biltmore Village.

Possibly the best Sunday brunch I've found in Asheville (and I've cultivated a critical taste for brunch!). They also serve breakfast & lunch (entrees under $11) and dinner fare (entrees $18-25). Really popular with locals and visitors, so expect a pretty significant wait during peak eating times. Another insider tip: they also take reservations and will accept them fairly close to arrival!

We welcome comments from our readers. If anyone else - locals or visitors - would like to share their favorite Asheville restaurants, please do so below!

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