June 9, 2008

Folkmoot Festival July 14-27

Hey readers - has anyone been to Folkmoot in the past? Experiences, tips, or recommendations to share?

From the Folkmoot USA brochure & Web site:

Folkmoot USA, North Carolina's Official International Festival, is a two-week celebration of the world's cultural heritage through folk music and dance. Held each summer across the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, Folkmoot features performances, parades and workshops by more than 350 performers from a dozen or so countries. Performers demonstrate a cultural heritage through colorful, authentic and original reproduction costumes, lively dance and beautiful sounds. During its 25-year history, over 200 folk groups from more than 100 countries have shared their heritage and culture at Folkmoot USA.

This is Folkmoot USA's 25th anniversary celebration! Countries who are expected to participate include Argentina, Belarus, Canada (Nova Scotia), Chinese Taipei, France, Japan, Kenya, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, and Trinidad. The U.S. Host Team, Whitewater Bluegrass Company & Mars Hill College's Bailey Mountain Cloggers will appear at the Gala, Opening, & Closing performances.

Events and performances are located all over WNC. See the detailed schedule.

Tickets are currently on sale, and purchase options include:
Online at www.folkmootusa.org
By phone at 828.452.2997
Or by contacting the specific venue

Check out a Hawaiian Fire Dancer at Folkmoot 2007.


Mona said...

glen close is a very cool celeb sighting! just watched her in "evening" last night. interesting flick. thanks for stopping by my blog. hope you come visit again! folkmoot sounds like so much fun!

Kelly said...

thanks for the comment mona! i'll have to check out that movie, i hadn't heard of it before. i enjoyed your blog a lot, i'll be back. visit me again, too :)

Tena said...

oooh, I haven't been to this before. Thanks for the info. Looks very cool!

AM said...

I grew up in Haywood County, so I've been to a number of the performances, though not so much lately. Like everything else, some were better than others, but I would definitely recommend going. My personal preference is watching those from Africa and Latin America (and the like) because they tended to be more exciting/fast-paced. The International Festival Day also used to be a good alternative to Bele Chere, though I've heard from a few people it's not as good as it used to be.

Kelly said...

thanks AM, I'll have to check those out!