January 31, 2010

Amazing New Packages For Carolina Mornings' Guests!

2010 will be the year of positive change for travelers staying at Carolina Mornings' vacation rentals. Why you ask? Well let me share some wonderful changes that will be coming down the mountains and settling in our office. 
Updated MDP
Our MDP (Mountain Discovery Pass) is free with every reservation. Each reservation receives passes for all available activities each night of their stay.  We started this awesome and exclusive  value added amenity about about 18 months ago.  Now with feedback from  our guests we needed to offer year round activities. For now, we needed to say good bye to Lake Lure Cruises. On the flip side, we were lucky the stars were aligned and we found Ghost Hunters of Asheville! They offer a myriad of incredible yet revealing tours throughout Asheville with rave reviews! Stay tuned......

New Packages  and Additional Tours -TBA

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