January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Eating healthy (and how easy it is in Asheville, NC!)

On the same theme as before, let's explore another New Year's resolution: eating healthy. And why, you ask, would coming to Asheville help us with this?? It's simple: Asheville, NC is on top of the game for healthy eating! With so many local restaurants, and so many of them buying local produce/ meats/ eggs and such, the standard is set here for eating healthy all day long. Check out a couple of the restaurants, but why not gather the family together at your Asheville vacation cabin and remember the joy of cooking a few meals??

It is really hard to pick which restaurants I think are the healthiest; most all of them that I have seen in our parts have at least something on the menu that can be eaten without much guilt. Here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head, while also thinking of affordability:
The Laughing Seed: a vegetarian restaurant, a really good vegetarian restaurant! A great place to go for those that understand (or are attempting to understand;) that you don't need meat at every meal... you actually don't need meat every day...
Sunny Point Cafe: a favorite, where you can get breakfast all day long... I love breakfast... offering many options for meals that are healthy and additive- free
The Green Sage: many offerings, focusing on quick bites and such
Rosetta's Kitchen: another vegetarian restaurant; I think they say it right when they tout themselves as "farm fresh vegan soul food"

And, if you decide to utilize that great, fully-equipped kitchen there in your home away from home, here are some great places to get groceries for a homemade, healthy meal:
Greenlife Grocery:This is my favorite place to shop in town, where the folks who work and run the joint know what they're talking about, and understand what you are looking for! As the saying goes, they practice what they preach!
French Broad Food Coop: Our local cooperative, small but full!
Earthfare: A chain of stores that sells healthy products.
Amazing Savings: our local scratch and dent, often having organics and great products.

Ingles and The Fresh Market have their sections of healthy stuff, too, but I always shout out to the locals and organic markets.

So, here it is. Your list of how to eat healthy, and why a trip to Asheville can help with that! Remember, too, that Carolina Mornings offer eco-friendly rentals if your resolution reason is to help save the world!

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