March 7, 2010

Asheville, NC and children's book artists

We have a lot of crafters and artists here in Asheville, NC, and many that work in the realm of book arts. Some of these artists are successful in the super- fun genre of children's book art. Gallery 6 of the Asheville Art Museum has a show running through July 11, 2010, called Nouns: Children's Book Artists Look at People, Places and Things, which actually features some artists from this area (Gail Haley among others). Other artists included are Eric Carle (internationally known and loved), Robert Quackenbush (illustrated over 200 children's books), Leo Espinosa, and Faith Ringgold, plus many more. This is a rare art show: really wonderful for the whole family; something that your children will actually enjoy.
The Asheville Art Museum is located in Pack Place. My last entry was about another exhibit for children located in Pack Place, so this is a great time to see the sights of the town and share in some fun for the kids, too. There of course are other great exhibits happening at the Asheville Art Museum that you can check out too, and other great places to visit in Pack Place.
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The Waverly Inn said...

The Asheville Art Museum truly is one of the hidden jewels of the community. Thanks for highlighting this new childrens program.

Shari said...

I totally agree! I hope many tourist will take the time to visit the Museum!