June 1, 2010

Baseball in Asheville, NC

Yes, Asheville does have a baseball team! The Asheville Tourists are our Minor League Baseball team, and there are still many home games left in the season to enjoy at historic McCormick Field (read all about McCormick Field's history)! Check out the 2010 schedule, complete with the 13 home games that are considered Thirsty Thursdays ($1 beer!!)- any Thursday home game is a Thirsty Thursday, and there are still quite a few left in the season. There are also many other promotional events, where not only do you enjoy the fun of a baseball game with (or without) the family, you get free or super- cheap cool stuff! And, there are two home games scheduled for July 2 and 3- what a great place to enjoy the fireworks!!
Baseball has been said to be America's Favorite Pastime, so why not load up the family and head on downtown- enjoy a game, peruse the great Asheville scene, drink cheap beer... what could be better??!

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