June 9, 2010

Father's Day in Asheville, NC

Father's Day is fast approaching and a trip to Asheville is in order! Here are a few great ideas on how to share the day with Dad and tell him how much you appreciate him...
-Take a hike, Dad- and I'll go with you! Asheville has soooo many beautiful places to go for a day hike, or a weeklong hike, whatever your fancy. The views are spectacular pretty much anywhere you go, and there are plenty of options for hiking to a waterhole.
-The Urban Trail, complete with beer! Asheville did make Beer City USA 2010, and the breweries here are not to be missed! Just in the downtown area, you have Greenman, LAB, Wedge, Craggie, and ABC; then there is Pisgah in Black Mountain, and Highland in the outskirts...
-Speaking of brew, I had already covered the Brew- Off event on June 19, a great Father's Day idea.
-I had also already covered the Asheville Tourists season, and the weekend is full of home games.
-If your Dad is into this kind of thing, a wonderful event that makes its way through Asheville every summer is The Gathering of the Peacemakers, a weekend long gathering celebrating and connecting with conscious awareness.

There are plenty of other great things going on in the Asheville area to celebrate with and honor Dad; why not give him a full weekend of it??!

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