December 23, 2010

Asheville for the Holidays- where to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Many people are high- tailing it to the mountains for this wonderful winter season and Christmas holiday. So, what if you are visiting and reeeeeally don't feel like cooking?? Here are a few of our local restaurants that can accommodate you and yours for the Christmas holidays:

Christmas Eve:
Really, almost anywhere is open for Christmas Eve. Some places focus on a lunch menu and some are open for dinner as well. Here is a partial list of what is available (I of course am listing my faves!)

Sunny Point- Mmmm, breakfast all day... and their other meals are delicious too!

Nine Mile- Caribbean-inspired deliciousness!

The Corner Kitchen- Down home, with upscale flair

Marco's Pizza- Can we say fresh sauce, fresh mozzarella?!

French Broad Chocolate Lounge- It takes a special person to eat only chocolate for dinner... makes a great dessert, too!

Christmas Day:
A little tougher, although still some options. Especially if you go to one of the Inns/ Hotels in the area that have restaurants- they will surely be open!

Horizons and the Sunset Terrace- both within the Grove Park Inn, you could also enjoy the Gingerbread House exhibit while there!

Bier Garden- Sooo many good beers on tap, and food too!

Or, just grab some grab-n-go from Greenlife or Earth Fare on Christmas Eve and warm it in the oven for Christmas Day (surely, even if all you wanted for Christmas was to not have to cook, this isn't too much...)

Whatever you choose, enjoy! And have a Merry Christmas!!