December 27, 2010

Okay, so I must revisit the last blog: it is still snowing here in Asheville, NC!! And although my street was cleared by the plow 4 times on Christmas Day, we are now officially "snowed in." I must say, there is nowhere I'd rather be snowed in than surrounded by the beauty of the mountains! To see the peaks and curves in the far-off distance, quiet and glowing in a soft, white bright... nothing less than breathtaking!
It may not be the best time to head here (I really am unsure what road conditions are throughout the region), however if you are here, sit back, relax, enjoy the spectacular scenery. If you are coming this way, be careful, and know that once you get here it is worth it!! Carolina Mornings has cabins available throughout the rest of the winter season, so give us a call to check it out!