May 17, 2012

We're Hiring in Asheville, North Carolina has selected Asheville as one of America's "2012 Best Cities for Job Growth." Asheville has been ranked number 13 in a recent study of 91 medium-sized cities, defined as regions with employment of 150,000 to 450,000. In's “all cities” category, consisting of 398 metropolitan areas, Asheville ranked number 75, standing firmly in the top quarter. These ranking placements are up from 2011, signifying economic stability and consumer confidence.

A Positive Outlook
Asheville owes this employment trend to several favorable factors, among them growth in eco-tourism, healing arts, and the hospitality industry. A world-recognized destination for tourists seeking the best of luxury vacationing and outdoor recreation, Asheville is a welcoming mountain town with a remarkably beautiful surrounding landscape.

Asheville Ranked #13 by

Economic Growth
Boasting significantly lower unemployment rates than the national and state average, Asheville is currently enjoying a 20-year high in affordable housing and manufacturing jobs. This includes a boost in construction positions, particularly for energy-efficient homes being built by local building companies.

Experience the Luxury of the Mountains
These positive trends help everyone, from longtime locals who are rebuilding their financial well-being to relocating families who are attracted to Asheville's wealth of quality neighborhoods, educational opportunities, and amenities. Plan a vacation in Asheville and see for yourself why this Blue Ridge Mountain town is in such favor. Call Carolina Mornings to arrange your visit with luxury vacation rental cabins and discounted tickets to area attractions.

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