April 21, 2008

Orange Peel featured in Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone magazine just named the Orange Peel one of the nation's top 5 best rock clubs. (I was betting last summer's extended visit by the Smashing Pumpkins must have helped, the Rolling Stone write-up confirmed that.) The magazine hit the shelves Friday, but you can see the online version here.

Okay, okay so I'm behind in the times a little with this tidbit. I did hear about it last week on our local NPR station (WCQS) but hadn't mentioned it in the blog. Ashvegas gets credit for being ahead of the game something like over a week ago. See: Still speculating on Rolling Stones pick of Asheville rock club, Rolling Stone: Orange Peel one of top 5 music clubs in the US (includes a tidbit from the Asheville Citizen-Times article).

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