May 19, 2008

Asheville on the Fine Living Network

The Grove Park Inn gingerbread competition. Biltmore Estate. Downtown Asheville.

These are all aspects of Asheville that have been featured on various television networks and shows. On Wednesday night, Asheville (and Carolina Mornings!) gets another opportunity to show our stuff. The Fine Living Network (channel 116 in Asheville on Charter digital cable) show All-Girl Getaways will air the episode 'Blue Ridge Retreat' Wednesday, May 21 at 9pm.

Here's the synopsis, from All-Girl Getaways:
Blue Ridge Retreat - Four women on the go who met at the same Sweet 16 birthday party 30 years ago have managed to remain close friends and have stuck through everything together. They want to celebrate their 30 years of friendship by going to Asheville, N.C., for the weekend. They have many activities lined up, including visits to the Rivers Art District and the Biltmore Estate; and they end the weekend at a spa resort.

One of those ladies-on-the-go happens to be the President of Carolina Mornings, Shari Goldstein. After hearing about the show over a year ago, one of her friends sent in an application - and they were picked to film an episode! Fortunately, Asheville was the place they chose for their getaway.

From the FLN Web site, "All-Girl Getaways shows you how women plan their all-girl escapes. From weeks of detailed planning and careful execution to finally enjoying the well-deserved weekend, you're invited into the inner circle to find out what it takes to have an organized, successful and exhilarating mini-vacation." See the promo:

Also, I stumbled on an entire blog, Girls Getaway, devoted to getting away without the guys. Here's the post about All-Girl Getaways.

For more about planning a getaway, stay tuned for Wednesday's blog!



I have heard Asheville is a great place. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to visit.

Jennifer Robin said...

Looks like fun!

Keri said...

health nut,
asheville is a great place for health nuts (and health nut wannabees!) - it's some kind of rule that every restaurant offers various organic, local, and vegetarian food options. we'd love to have you!

Keri said...

thanks! i only wish more of us got the FLN, i know i won't be able to watch it unless someone in the office records it for the rest of us!