May 7, 2008

Vacation Destination: Mountain Air Country Club

Mountain Air Country Club is located at the top of Slickrock Mountain just outside of Burnsville, and about 30 minutes away from Asheville. It is geared towards those who love both luxury and an outdoor lifestyle. This location alone places Mountain Air CC in an area full of things to do, including both art and culture activities as well as those in the great outdoors.

But Mountain Air CC also has a lot going on within the community.
Mountain Air CC activities (detailed on the Web site) include a fitness center, swimming pool, hiking trails (guided nature walks are available), a cinema, golf courses, outdoor recreation areas, community gardens, and a spa.

Mountain Air CC is good family getaway because parents and kids
can enjoy having fun. There are many opportunities for the family to spend time together, but with so many kids' activities, parents can also grab time alone - getting a couples' massage, hiking, or just enjoying a little quiet time.

Mountain Air CC is for anyone who enjoys the luxury and convenience of a country club, but also wants to visit the mountains. It isn't for everyone, since some people desire to getaway from that lifestyle with a rustic mountain retreat, but others want what a country club can provide and Mountain Air does it better than any I've seen.

About half the homes at Mountain Air are lived in year-round, while the other half are vacation rentals owned by those who want to share their mountain getaway home.

Photos from Mountain Air Web site. To view more photos and to see these in a larger format, click here.

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