October 21, 2009

You'd Better Get Over Your Fear of Heights...QUICK!

The Best Way to View Asheville in the Fall? Hot Air Balloons!
Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp, cool air, the comfort of apple cider and the beauty of the changing leaves. I go to great extremes to get good pictures of the colorful wonders falling to the ground. I'll spend agonizing moments trying to get the perfect picture of an orange, crinkly leaf landing softly on the ground.

BUT, I've just discovered a way to get even BETTER pictures: HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES!
Now, if you are looking to see the BEST views of Asheville, NC, consider taking a ride with Asheville Hot Air Balloons. If you are afraid of heights, keep reading. I'm going to try to convince you to get over your fears!

Just think. This once in a lifetime experience allows you to see the majestic views of the changing leaves all across the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town of Asheville from above and even get a glimpse of your mountain cabin from a different angle! You will get pictures that every Facebook friend of yours will ENVY!

What do you need to know about taking the plunge... I mean, FLIGHT: The flight path depends on the wind direction and depending on wind speed, the flight should last up to an hour. A general flight has enough room for 10 passengers.

So, I didn't quite convince you to go on a hot air balloon ride because flying is not quite your cup of tea? Gather your fear (and a picnic) and trek to the top of Mount Mitchell! Although you won't get the same effect of flying over the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will be on top of one!

Mount Mitchell is the HIGHEST POINT east of the Mississippi, reaching 6,684 feet and is about 20 miles north of Asheville, NC. Be sure to bring extra layers because the temperature is usually 10-30 (!) degrees cooler than in Asheville.

You ready to take flight? Take a trip this weekend and stay in some of the best mountain vacation rentals in Asheville. These NC mountain cabin rentals have picture-worthy views-- looks like your camera is going to get a good workout while you are here!

What dot on the Western, NC map would you like to see from a hot air balloon? Let Carolina Mornings know via our Facebook page or Twitter!

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