October 23, 2009

Smelly and furry, but loads of crafty fun!!

It is the time of year to start wintertime crafting with the family!! While visiting Asheville, NC, one marvels at the beauty of this crafty town. If you are staying in one of Carolina Mornings' Asheville vacation rentals this weekend, take the short trip to the WNC Ag Center in Fletcher to enjoy the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. This event is my favorite place to purchase wool for felting and yarn for knitting, as well as all the accessories needed to create beautiful holiday gifts for yourself and others. Dont know much about this ancient craft? Not to worry, there are workshops for all levels of crafters, vendors selling kits for adults and kids and many demonstrations.  Get away for an afternoon by yourself while letting the family to explore downtown Asheville's restaurants and boutiques (hoorah for you!).  Plan B: Extend the the family vacation to the joys of fiber art! The connection between animals and art is a wonderful way to  enhance your children's creativity.

So go ahead and buy yourself and your children some wool or angora. Snuggle up on the sofa, in front of the crackling fireplace at your Asheville vacation home, and knit away! How idyllic is this! Give yourself permission to just be! 

Before you know it, your family will be wanting to come back for an Asheville family vacation during the Animal Fiber Fair! 

The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair hours are:
Friday October 23 and Saturday October 24 9am- 6pm
Sunday October 25 9am- 4pm

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Shari said...

Another reason to come to Asheville and enjoy the SAFF is you are contributing to our community and supporting local farmers! I am a firm advocate for supporting our farmers whether it is for food on the table or art on the wall or on our feet (knitted socks)!