October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson is alive in Asheville!

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You read it correctly. Michael Jackson is alive in Asheville, NC. Now before you go and call all the tabloids, maybe you should mosey on over to four spots on the Western NC Map that are playing the film devoted to Michael's last moments, "This is It."

The film documents MJ's rehearsal's during his scheduled concert series "This Is It," with on stage and behind the scenes footage. The film is only set to be out for a two-week run in theaters, so you'd better act quick!

In Asheville, the film is playing at the Biltmore Grande, Carolina Asheville, Cinebarre and Carmike. And, get this... for a total of 24 times A DAY! So if you get bored of looking at all the beautiful colors of the trees (HARDLY), you are a fan of MJ, or you are just interested the film, you should certainly check it out!

Want creative ways to get ready for the film? Why not have a moondance contest across the hardwood floors of one of our Asheville Cabin Rentals? OR create your own sequined glove. OR create your own "Thriller" video by decorating your NC mountain cabin.

So, Carolina Mornings wants to know your opinion of the movie! Let us know via twitter or facebook!

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