November 17, 2009

"Everyone Cooks" in Asheville?! Uh Oh... I may be in trouble.

Oyster Cooking ClassImage by barron via Flickr

Did you know that Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC offers WEEKLY "Everyone Cooks!" cooking classes?

The college provides the course for $15 dollars featuring vegetarian, vegan and raw foods. Each dish also favors local, organic and wild food sources. How exciting and different!!

Michael Gentry leads the class and is a retired food service professional who has travelled the world teaching his love of food. Gentry serves at a Sustainable Gourmet at "Everyone Cooks!"

And don't think that you will watch and not learn! The course features healthy recipes, cooking tips, new product tastings and a variety of different techniques to help bring this back to your own Asheville cabin rental!

Does reading this make you hungry? Why not make this trip into one of your own Asheville vacations? Come stay at a Carolina Mornings Asheville, NC cabin rental and enjoy cooking in a log cabin of your very own (well, yours temporarily ;) ) For more information on "Everyone Cooks," call 828-669-3826 !

Stay tuned to the Carolina Mornings blog... there will be more features of cooking and tastings in the next month to prepare you for all of the holiday meals you may be creating ... and activities to help you burn off those darn delicious meals =)

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