November 11, 2009

Thanksgiving in Asheville: Who is preparing the meal??

Thanksgiving Table With FoodImage by Mr. T in DC via Flickr

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and now would be the time to plan your holiday visit to western NC! Gather together with family and stay in one of our pet friendly Asheville vacation homes! Many of our vacation rentals have specials this season, so start preparing for your Asheville Thanksgiving.
There are plenty of options for gathering and eating. I think the best idea is to order a quality natural or organic turkey from Greenlife Grocery or Earthfare, get some local ingredients for the trimmings, and spend a lovely day with the family in your celebration home. Start a fire in the fireplace, set up games for the kids, and get your dog a bone to share in the feast.
If cooking your Thanksgiving meal doesn't sound like a vacation getaway to you, there are plenty of delicious options around the town (one thing Asheville is known for is the food!) One such option provides the best of both worlds: no cooking, but still relaxing in your cabin! Offered is an eight person meal (complete with dessert) prepared just for you and ordered through our infamous 12 Bones Smokehouse. Besides the turkey, 12 Bones has fixin's such as dried cherry corn pudding and sausage and apple stuffing...mmm...
If you are looking for an Asheville night on the town, many of the restaurants will be open on and around Thanksgiving. From a buffet at Grove Park Inn's Blue Ridge Dining Room to a vegetarian delight at Laughing Seed Cafe, Asheville will surely have something for your celebration! And remember to share gratitude for your getaway!!

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