November 20, 2009

5 reasons to come to Asheville, NC in the winter:Reason #3 The Big Crafty

I love crafts! I love all kinds of crafts, from hand-knitting to felting to jewelry-making to bookworks to artistically-created clothing. I love to craft myself, and I love to see what the creativity and talents are of other artists (after all, we are all artists when we let ourselves be!). And if you are like me, we tend to find ourselves with a list of too many things to make and not enough time to make them all. For this, amongst many other things, I LOVE The Big Crafty, a gathering twice a year of local artists and craftspeople selling their wares. Not much of a secret, but I'll tell you anyway: it is a great place for purchasing holiday gifts!! The final fair of 2009 is held on Sunday, Dec. 6 from 12p-6p at Pack Place in downtown Asheville, NC. There is a raffle (which I won last year:) and, because it is a free event, you can put more money towards beautiful and fun pieces. Don't forget to buy something nice for yourself! Not only is the bounty affordable and the fair free, there is yet another way to save money: the three times I have gone, they also had FREE DELICIOUS BEER! Brewed in Black Mountain (30 minutes from Asheville), Pisgah Brewing Company is my favorite local brew by far, and one of my top three beers of all time. And at The Big Crafty, they are giving it to me!!!! I'd have to say, this event is actually one of my top three favorite events that takes place in western NC.
So come and stay with us at one of our Asheville vacation rentals for a pre-holiday getaway. Enjoy a fun shopping excursion while you are here; besides The Big Crafty, Asheville is known for its shopping.

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