February 11, 2010

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate in Asheville, NC

Okay, so I thought I was finished with the Valentine's series, and technically I am. There is a delicious subject I have been wanting to write about for awhile now, and what better time to do it than love-your-honey weekend?? Asheville is chock full of chocolate, delicious in every form available. Imagine yourself relaxing into a heavenly couple's massage, then soaking in a hot tub surrounded by snow-capped mountains, sipping on a wonderful wine, eating a heavenly truffle of milk chocolate and raspberries...mmm...
Here are a few options to check out while you are skipping around town or relaxing in your Carolina Mornings vacation rental (in a pretty little take- home box or container, of course!)

-The Chocolate Fetish: In business since 1986, the Foley family has built a name for itself over the years that can still be heard in the streets of Asheville as tourists hunt it down. Plenty of gift offerings to take to a cozy spot and enjoy.
-The French Broad Chocolate Lounge: So everyone has their own opinion, but the chocolate I have eaten from the Chocolate Lounge is consistently the best thing I have ever eaten (and I am a foodie)!! In 2008, the Rattigans opened this chocolate lover's paradise and they have been going strong ever since. I believe that they produce the best chocolate in the world... not to mention the best brownies I've ever had!! Then there's the fact that they offer local beer, great wine, and a super- cozy space to hang out in. And on top of it all, they use as many local, fair trade, farm direct and organic ingredients as possible, which fits right into my belief system and Asheville style.
-Ultimate Ice Cream's Dark Chocolate Ice Cream: Okay, not quite a box of chocolates, but this local company has done chocolate ice cream up the right way! Not sure how they do it, but it's dark, it's chocolate, it's ice cream... it's delicious!! (They have a storefront on Tunnel Rd. and sell around town, including at The Chocolate Lounge).
-Greenlife Grocery: A great place to pick up tons and tons of chocolate. They sell prepackaged bars from everywhere (all organic and fair trade of course), as well as packages of local truffles and such, locally- made brownies, chocolate ice cream...

This is not the complete list of chocolate availability in Asheville, but it's a start and it's what to get if you are a visitor and want a local's experience! There are also chocolate shops in Black Mountain, Waynesville, Weaverville- it seems the Asheville area is a chocolate lovers paradise! When you stay with us in your mountain getaway, be sure to have some chocolate on hand to share with your honey (and remember that chocolate is a great gift for any time of year or occasion!!)

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Todd said...

Asheville is a chocolate lover's paradise. We visit The Chocolate Fetish whenever we are in town. Their chocolate truffles are the best we've ever had. Fortunately they also ship custom chocolate boxes.