February 15, 2010

Local Art Galleries and Shows in Asheville, NC

It is a great time of year to come and visit Asheville, NC!! One great reason is that you can take advantage of many winter specials when staying with Carolina Mornings in a beautiful mountain retreat. Another is to check out indoor ventures around town (in addition to getting out and playing in the snow!). There are some great shows happening at art galleries around town, and I wanted to mention a few.
At American Folk Art and Framing, they are having their 6th Annual Miniatures Show. Artists of non-academia present small works in acrylic, wood block, clay and more. This show runs through Feb. 28.
Amongst other current showings, Blue Spiral 1 gallery has Cups From Hand to Hand, a showing of sixteen artists working with my favorite medium, clay. This exhibit presents a great way to share in your love of art and travel- you can take home a small piece of artwork from Asheville and use it everyday!! Showing through March 21.
Through April 4, Grovewood Gallery hosts Women in Wood, an exhibit honoring the women craftfolk that work with wood. I love this idea because much of the time when we see artist's expressing themselves with wood, they are men. This exhibit honors the many women that love to carve or turn wood, which I find very inspiring!!
Not that these are the only galleries or shows to see in Asheville- I just wanted to give you a taste. Come see for yourself why Asheville is an arts and crafts dream, and let Carolina Mornings host your stay! It will surely be a piece of art!!