February 10, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!! Part IV

Okay, so here is the last post on what to do for love-your-honey weekend (if you missed the others, check out Part I, Part II, and Part III). After choosing which mountain retreat you will be visiting here in Asheville, NC, you have a few other decisions to make: pick up groceries and stay in all weekend, or let Carolina Mornings do the shopping for you (with our concierge services), already there for you when you arrive- either of these options you spend your weekend cooking and relaxing together while enjoying the fantastic views from your hot tub! Then there are the packages we offer, massages that come to you... I of course don't want to stray from a weekend chock full of nothing but relaxing, but if you decide that it'd be better to go out, then by all means... head out to explore the town on Saturday or Sunday! Besides the great ideas of enjoying your Saturday evening from Part III, here are options for dining out on Sunday (it is very wise to make a reservation at any of these tasty restaurants): -Laughing Seed Cafe is offering a Valentine's Aphrodisiac Dinner, complete with a 3- course meal, optional wine pairing, and a take home Love Potion cordial. -Mela Indian Restaurant is offering a 3- course Indian delight with a glass of champagne complimented by live Indian music. -The Market Place Restaurant isn't offering anything specifically for Valentine's per se, but they are an incredible eating place with 3- course dinners offered every Sunday. Most of their menu comes from within 100 miles, and that is to be celebrated! -The Corner Kitchen in Biltmore has brunch on Sundays, which is a great option too. So many options, and thankfully you have a whole weekend to explore just your cabin and the surrounding views, or take a bit to get out and about. Whatever your fancy, a love-your-honey weekend at a Carolina Mornings vacation cabin is the best idea I have come up with for Valentine's Day! Enjoy!

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