April 13, 2012

Eight Fun Things to Do at Your Carolina Mornings Vacation Rental

You're on vacation, now what? Staying at a Carolina Mornings vacation rental cabin affords you the luxury of just hanging out at home for the day. With gas prices so high, a day off might be just what your wallet wants. Here's a few simple activities that will make memories without spending money.

A Scenic Walk around Hillside Charmer

1. Relax, Unplug
Make one day electronics-free. Put down the Facebook, turn off the cell phone, even the Kindle should be shut off. Tell stories, or just enjoy the view. Get to know your family, your friends, yourself.

2. Play Board Games
Backgammon anyone? Maybe Scrabble is more your style. Vacation is family bonding time. Laughter, and a little competitive edge, will bring you all closer together.

3. Explore the Neighborhood
If you're staying at an Asheville vacation rental house, you're likely already somewhere incredibly scenic. Take the kids and the dog (many of Carolina Mornings vacation rentals are pet friendly) for a walk!

4. Have a Cookie Baking Contest
Carolina Mornings' vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens, so bring along your best chocolate chip cookie recipe and challenge the family to a cook off! The results are in: yummy!

5. Toss a Ball Around
It doesn't matter what kind of ball it is, what the rules are, or who wins. Just get out there and bond.

Five Kings Retreat Comes with Built-in Fun

6. Remember Charades?
And other fun and free games that aren't on the computer, like Tic-Tac-Toe, I Spy, and Hide and Seek?

7. Easy Arts & Crafts
Grab a marker and a piece of paper and draw a family portrait. We're talking stick figures. Or braid a few pieces of embroidery thread together and call it a bracelet. Or glue some macaroni to a picture frame. Arts and crafts really can be that easy, and surprisingly fun for everyone.

8. Watch a Movie
Most vacation rental cabins come with a DVD player - perfect for gathering together and watching a classic. Show the kids what your favorite movie was when you were their age. Popcorn and movie time makes for awesome family magic!

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