April 10, 2012

Five Tips for a Greener Vacation

Environmentally friendly travelers who are interested in going green want two things: to travel sustainably and to protect the places they visit. Here's five fun and easy ways to protect the planet while you're on vacation.

Red Wolf, A Luxury Eco-Friendly Cabin

1. Don't Travel as Far -
The most effective way to travel sustainably is to plan a vacation that keeps you near home. Less than four hours from Atlanta and only two hours from Charlotte, the world-class resort area of Asheville is a smart vacation destination considering the high gas prices we're facing for summer. Simplify: Enjoy the Luxury of the Mountains!

2. Stay at an Eco-Friendly Carolina Mornings Vacation Rental Cabin -
Carolina Mornings is proud to be an NC Green Travel Partner, a designation awarded by the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources. Carolina Mornings is the first vacation rental company in the state to receive the designation, part of a statewide sustainable travel recognition program called the NC Green Travel Initiative. Check out our Eco-Friendly Vacation Rental Cabins. These properties are located in numerous Asheville areas, including convenient in-town spots and mountaintop vistas.

3. Take a Hike -
Carolina Mornings has partnered with Asheville Adventure Rentals to bring you Trip in a Bag, making it easy to get on the trail. Trip in a Bag includes everything that you need to enjoy one of the many trails surrounding Asheville: a hand-drawn map with points of interest highlighted, two water bottles, trail mix and a wildflower brochure all enclosed in a comfortable backpack made from 100% recycled materials. Ask a Carolina Mornings Vacation Planner for details!

Saving the Planet One Step at a Time

4. Ride a Bike -
If you're a biking enthusiast, you already know there's a ton of awesome bike trips in and around Asheville, such as Elk Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Asheville's also friendly for casual and family bicyclers. It's a small enough urban area that you can bike from one side of town to the other on neighborhood streets! Liberty Bikes provides maps and rental bicycles if you didn't bring your own.

5. Buy Local -
Staying at a Carolina Mornings Asheville vacation rental home gives you the opportunity to cook in your own kitchen. When you go out for groceries, shop at local food stores or pick up the ingredients for dinner at a tailgate market. Also, when you're buying souvenirs to remind you of your beautiful Blue Ridge vacation, purchase items made by local artisans or sold at a locally owned store. They're on just about every corner in Asheville!

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