September 15, 2008

Baking a pie at Pie in the Sky

A recent guest at Pie in the Sky sent the Carolina Mornings team an email about his group's vacation adventure! They were inspired by the name of the rental and also the vast number of apple orchards in Western North Carolina... so they decided to bake a homemade apple pie (with local apples for you locavores out there)! And they were nice enough to share some photos:

Chef (really! he actually is a chef) Robert Keen gets things started.

Alas, there was no rolling pin in the property- but they make do (with a wine bottle from the looks of it)!

And, the finished product (we all drooled over the look of it)!

Photos courtesy of John Sweeny.

We love getting emails like this! If there are any guests out there who would like to share their Carolina Mornings or Asheville experiences, please don't hesitate to drop me a line -


Shellmo said...

The crust looks perfect on this! It looks delicious! Maybe next time they can share the recipe too.... :-)

Kelly said...

I hope so! Thanks for the comment :)