September 22, 2008

Watch Chimney Swifts in Downtown Asheville

Each year, chimney swifts visit Asheville. The birds are best viewed at dusk, when they swirl in large numbers and return to nests in the chimneys around town.

Downtown is always a good bet for seeing swifts. The Grove Arcade has a chimney they seem to particularly like each year. I haven't personally spent an evening watching for the swifts, though I have seen them while out and about in autumn.

Other Asheville bloggers have mentioned a bit about the swifts - above and beyond my ability to explain the phenomenon. Plus, they offer some great photos. This amazing one is from Ashvegas.
This is a great annual event for locals to keep an eye out for on a daily basis, but those in Asheville on a vacation or trip should also look to the sky, you may just get an added bonus to the fall color!

I'd love to hear everyone and anyone's experience with chimney swifts, whether in Asheville or elsewhere. If you'd like to share, just leave a comment! Thanks :)

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