September 24, 2008

Gas Shortage Update from the Asheville Chamber of Commerce

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is working with government officials and oil industry representatives to maintain open communication regarding the current gas situation. As part of our efforts, we want to share some key message points that can be conveyed to your employees, customers and any out-of-town visitors or clients.

  • Fuel supplies should be increasing throughout the next week and, hopefully, returning to normal by late next week. Already, some stations are reporting a small increase in gas allotments.
  • The Chamber, along with local government, continues to encourage residents to only purchase the gas they need. Motorists should refrain from hoarding gas supplies, so that other community members will have access to fuel as well.
  • Updated information about availability can be found at:

For those communicating with visitors or clients from out-of-town, consider sharing the following message:

  • Like other parts of the South, the Asheville area has experienced fuel supply issues this week. Although gas allotments are increasing daily, we recommend visitors to the area, purchase fuel before arriving in Asheville to avoid possible lines in this region.
  • We anticipate that supplies will return to more normal levels next week.
  • Once in town Asheville's visitors can visit to find Fall Gas Saving Adventures and Park Your Car Itineraries.

Even as supplies increase conservation and reduction measures will aid in returning supplies to normal. Governor Mike Easley assured residents today stating, "This is a temporary shortage. We have been assured by the oil companies that some supplies are on their way today and larger additional supplies are expected through the pipeline very soon."

Drivers should eliminate non-essential trips, car pool when possible, and take advantage of alternate transportation such as public transit (, walking, or bicycle riding.

For up to date information on the gasoline shortage please visit the City of Asheville news page.

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