September 8, 2008

Getting personal...

... but (don't worry) not too personal! We rarely do this here on the blog, but I thought I'd take an entry and talk a little about Team Carolina Mornings.

Who is Team CM? Our new Web site (coming soon) will include an "About Us" page with much more detail, but for now here's the basics:
Shari Goldstein - Owner
Ginger Boyd - Chief Operating Officer
Larry Miller - Broker In Charge, Property Manager
Matt Jones - Property Management Coordinator
Katie Sundmacher - Vacation Specialist, Broker
Charlie Brooks - Vacation Specialist
Tena Moore - Social Media Manager
Kelly McIntyre - Marketing Editor, Vacation Specialist (writer of this blog)

This weekend we had the pleasure of a company pot-luck. All of us, plus our friends and significant others, got together to enjoy some laid-back conversation and to quietly celebrate Charlie's recent marriage.

Larry, his wife and their 2 daughters, were nice enough host us all at their house - and we thoroughly enjoyed their great back deck (Larry's handiwork).

While the theme was Mediterranean foods, we got some special Morsels cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. I tasted the chocolate peanut butter cupcake and also had a bite of lemon cupcake, but the first bite alerted me that these aren't your ordinary cupcakes. They are much more like gourmet mini cakes.

The only missing piece of this great gathering was our newest member, Sean Carr. Sean has been doing some heavy legwork over at the Biltmore Condos and will join our team to help us with this as the project grows. We're glad to have him with us and hope he'll be able to make it to the next get-together (we also hope we'll get to have another one soon).

If you are interested in joining Team CM by way of being our guest, check out the Carolina Mornings Web site for Asheville, Blue Ridge Mountains and Smoky Mountains vacation rentals - cabins, condos, chalets and more! We'd love to have you!


Tena Moore said...

That was fun. Great seeing you. And oh-my-gawd, the cupcakes ROCKED. (so glad we didn't eat them all and ruin the surprise - I felt like such a dunce!!!) Hehehe...

Kelly said...

i know, how's that for bad communication - i had NO IDEA we were waiting for something before we were supposed to eat them, so when i saw you eating one i thought dessert time was a go! =P