September 30, 2008

Most stations now have gas in Asheville as panic subsides

The Asheville Citizen-Times reported this morning that 2/3 of Buncombe County (Asheville) gas stations had gas Monday night, and others received gas during the night. Lines have subsided in Asheville, though stations still are experiencing shortages/outages between deliveries. The Colonial Pipeline is supposedly back to flowing at full capacity, which means the Southeast should be on the road to gas recovery.

The important thing to remember is not to panic. Get as little gas you need, when you need it - don't top off every day, leave enough to go around. Things are only going to get better, so there's no need to horde!

Also, visitors should keep in mind that gas is pricier than average. I assume this has to do with basic supply-and-demand economics, although it seems to me the oil companies, or in our case the Colonial Pipeline, ought to be able to do some price control for the gas stations who in turn can keep costs down for us!

At any rate, expect to pay somewhere between $4.00-$4.50/gallon for unleaded regular. The Citizen-Times article reports the average at $4.13 (23 cents more than the state average).


Shellmo said...

Hope everything returns to "normal" soon!

Kelly said...

thanks shellmo, we're mostly there!

John said...

Carolina Mornings...great job on your site. One of our favorites at