July 25, 2008

Asheville, Thomas Wolfe and Orson Scott Card

Photo from www.wolfememorial.com

Lately we've been talking about the Thomas Wolfe House and Memorial at Carolina Mornings. We love packages, and guests love packages, so we're trying to come with something related to the Memorial house (suggestions are welcome). Anyway, one thing we thought of is a book sold in the gift shop: Asheville, and Thomas Wolfe. It gives you an idea of some of the places in Asheville that Wolfe featured in his writing.

When Googling the book, I discovered that Orson Scott Card, a somewhat known author (hah! by "somewhat known," what I really meant was Very Well-Known Among Sci-Fi Readers Across the Nation), actually reviewed the book, the memorial, and Asheville itself - back in 2004 in a Greensboro, NC publication called the Rhinoceros Times. The review is an entertaining read (it is Card, after all) and says some spot-on things about the Memorial and Asheville in general.

So, other than sharing the Orson Scott Card article about visiting Asheville, I'd also like to recommend you take a trip to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial. It's just $1 for adult admission, and only $0.50 for students. Where else can you look inside a historic place for $1? Plus they do some pretty cool events in the Thomas Wolfe house, usually for about $6 (still unbelievably cheap for cool events).

While you're in Asheville or Western North Carolina for summer vacation, Bele Chere weekend, to see Biltmore, or even if you live in the area and have never been before - go check out Thomas Wolfe's old house located right in downtown Asheville.


Max Cooper said...

Hey fellow Asheville blogger. Didn't OS Card win a Hugo? I think he's up there with Asimov and Heinlein.

Come check out my exhibit on Asheville's River Arts District: http://www.darktopography.com/district.html

Next Saturday night @ Pump Gallery. Free beer and food while it lasts. Keep up the good blogging!

Kelly said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment. I don't honestly know a whole lot about Card, other than that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ender's Game when I was in high school! I thought it was pretty cool that he wrote about Asheville and the Wolfe house though.

That looks like a great exhibit, I'll add a little something about it here. I hope it goes well - take care!

Junie Moon said...

Excellent recommendation about the Thomas Wolfe house. Also, for anyone visiting, don't forget to notice the "haint blue" paint on the porch ceiling (wards off evil entities) and try on his shoes (brass shoes in plaque on the ground in front of the house).

Kelly said...

Thanks! What great recommendations! :)