July 3, 2008

Indie Ice Cream in Asheville

Thanks to a recent BlogAsheville post about the new West Asheville ice cream shop for this blog idea! :)

One of my favorite things about Asheville in the summertime is all the local ice cream shops. Let's face it: what the locals know is that there is no way any of the Cold Stones or TCBYs out there could compare with Ultimate or the Hop.

So, here is a guide to the independently owned, hand-made ice cream parlors - conveniently located on each side of town. Click "location" to view a Google Map.

The Hop, our trusty kid & college student ice cream shop. All us locals loved the old location - a drive through that used to be a car repair shop. But the new location just down the street is huge and comfy, and now they are much better equipped to handle the customer flow.
640 Merrimon Avenue
(in shopping center across from Atlanta Bread Company)

Ultimate Ice Cream, my personal favorite and the perfect location for grabbing a scoop before or after visiting the WNC Nature Center, or taking a dip in the Haw Creek swimming pool. Amazing ice cream flavors and blends - including one made from Black Mocha Stout, a local Highland Brewing Company beer (don't worry - the ice cream is non-alcoholic).
1070 Tunnel Road
(in shopping center behind Pomodoro's Restaurant)

2 Spoons.
The newest spot in town, so I haven't been there myself. According to the BlogAsheville post mentioned above, the cones are handmade and the ice cream is 'delicious'!
721 Haywood Road
(between Burgermeisters and Tolliver's, and next to Haywood Used Appliance)

Let me know if I've missed one - and which is your favorite. Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

I'm trying 2 spoons this week. Thanks for the recommendations.

Kelly said...

let us know what you think! i heard from someone on Plurk (www.plurk.com) that 2 spoons is just serving ice cream from Ultimate - if that's true then it's guaranteed to be good!