July 16, 2008

In Asheville, Days 1 & 2

So far I'm on track to do just about everything I planned to do in Asheville, with a few good things I didn't plan thrown in! I'm staying just down the street from the Carolina Mornings West Branch office, which is awesome since I usually have a 20 minute commute to work when I'm in the Carrboro office.

I'm loving the cool nights and not-too-hot days. It's been perfect weather for my stay - sunny, low-mids 80s with a breeze during the day, low-mid 50s at night. I haven't felt weather this good since May!

So, onto the things I've done around town...

When I got to town on Monday night, some friends and I ate dinner at Doc Chey's, where I hadn't eaten in about 2 years because over time it got busier and busier (like everywhere else in Asheville) and eventually the regular wait got so excessive I quit trying. For example, 4 of us arrived for what I thought was a late dinner - around 7:30 - and we weren't seated until 8:15. While 45 minutes isn't a bad wait, just think what it must be like at 6pm! The place was still packed with late diners when we left an hour later. Not a place to go when your stomach is already rumbling.... but this time mine wasn't. I was reminded about how I really do love their lo mein (the vegetable). I wasn't a big fan of the miso soup, which I had never had. They also have pretty great edamame.

After Doc Chey's, us girls walked down the street to Temptations for our girls' night - Monday night $5 martinis. Everyone showed up and we had a blast. I enjoyed my favorite extra dirty martini with garlic stuffed olives, and also had my second favorite drink - a cosmo. It was just as good and just as fun as I'd remembered, plus any girls' night (or guys' night too, I assume) is always a good substitute for therapy :)

Yesterday (Tuesday) after work we did the sushi thing, and I was going to try Kubo's, I promise I really was, so I could offer readers some kind of review! But my friends were less than enthusiastic about their experience eating there, and said Green Tea was still better - and cheaper. So, I ate at Green Tea for the umpteenth time. That's okay though, because their miso soup is my favorite!

Today I'm hoping to try out the French Broad Chocolate Lounge & tonight I'm watching a movie at Asheville Pizza - more on that tomorrow!


Junie Moon said...

I'm so glad to discover your blog and am only sorry I didn't know about it before our recent trip to Asheville. In reading your posts, I found numerous ideas I would have loved exploring. That's okay, though, our family loved our NC mountains vacation so much, we're planning on doing another one and will definitely visit Asheville again.

Kelly said...

Thanks Junie Moon! I'm sorry you didn't find it before your trip too - but we're here and happy to help for your next visit.

NCmountainwoman said...

Kelly, thanks for dropping by. I'm so excited to see your blog. What a small world. My husband grew up in Asheville in what is now the historic Montford area. The two men who purchased his childhood home have made the garage apt into a B&B on Pearson Drive. Interestingly enough, my husband lived in Carrboro while in medical school at UNC.

We're retired now, and live in Connestee Falls, just outside Brevard.

I will enjoy following your blog. Who knows? Perhaps our paths might cross.

Black Bear Realty said...

Hello There,
Thanks for stopping by our blog, and even better for the link! We'll get you into our sidebar today sometime, and what a nice collection of content you have, will visit often and link back on stories of interest.

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by ncmountainwoman and for the nice comment about the blog - I'm glad for your excitement! We sure do seem to have a lot of similarities. I'm sure your husband has seen both Asheville and Carrboro change a lot. We have a family friend who has lived in Asheville her entire life and it's so interesting to hear the ways she's seen it grow. I'm sure you guys have similar stories! Take care, I look forward to following your blog!

Kelly said...

Thanks Black Bear Realty - for stopping by and, of course, for the reciprocal link :)