July 18, 2008

Last day in Asheville

Well, I'm back in Carrboro and ready to report on the last 24 hours or so that I spent in Asheville. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, that will just have to stay on my list for next time.

Wednesday night
A group of friends and I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall (hilarious movie) at the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company. Here are a few of my favorite things (about Asheville Pizza!):
  • Good, cheap movies - $3 movies, almost always audience favorites. Afternoon movies are for the kids, evening movies for adults. It's so popular, in fact, that on any given night the 7pm and also often the 10pm movies are sold out well before showtime. You have to purchase tickets earlier in the day if you want a guarantee that you'll get in. Movies change on Fridays. This week the afternoon movie is The Dark Crystal (yes, from 1982) and night movie is The Incredible Hulk.

  • Good food - While the pizza isn't exactly homestyle NYC pizza, it's unique in a good way. The greek is really, really good and I love that with every pizza there are 5 sauce choices and 5 crust choices (I love the honey wheat). The other stuff on the menu is pretty tasty too, and ranges from quesadillas to burgers.

  • Good beer - Really good micro brews. I like the Ninja best, but they recently started only providing about half their beers at one time, so I tried the Scottish. And I liked it a lot.
Thursday afternoon
Got to go to Tupelo Honey Cafe for lunch. I had the Eggs Crawley - eggs any way you like (mine were over hard) with asparagus and crab cakes, all covered with hollandaise. The crab cakes, by the way, are the best I think I've ever had. None of that 50% bread stuff - it's all crab, very lightly breaded, and it melts in your mouth. Yuuuum.

Then I went to Vintage Moon for the first time. They serve tea in the front window, where you're surrounded by lacy, velvety vintage clothing and other articles. I found an AMAZING amber necklace that I definitely could not afford.... but I considered trying. Lots of treasures to be found at Vintage Moon (location).

Now I'm back in Carrboro and it's time to tell you what's going on this weekend! More on that later today. Have fun and enjoy it extra for those of us who have to be away!

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